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  1. ItzSticky

    Sticky Tries Coco

    Hey Everyone! This will be my attempt at growing in coco. I’ve grown in organic (FF HF, FF OF), and imo they’ve just been subpar grows. I struggled with overwatering, gnats, and not knowing how to properly mix nutes. Nevertheless, I stuck it out and grew some pretty decent smoke :jointman: So...
  2. B

    BC Buddy’s first proper grow

    Hi everybody, I’ve been a lurker here for a few months now. I’m a rookie grower from BC, Canada on my second grow, or what I’m going to consider my first proper grow. Long story short I jumped in head first on my first grow and didn’t buy good quality seeds, didn’t have the proper equipment for...
  3. narnia420

    Indoor Grow MEPHISTO Double Grape and CDLC X Sour Stomper

    Hello out of flour forum… that’s what siri typed in in google for me lol:baked: Hello everyone! My 3rd grow already and 3 plants again in my small 70x70cm tent. I went with Mephisto this time, Double Grape which i have 2 in my tent rn and one freebie which is Creme De La Chem x Sour Stomper...
  4. Chocolope transplanting outdoor

    Chocolope transplanting outdoor

    :420::420: Hi fellow growers and friends, For the last several weeks, I've had these Chocolope seeds in solo cups and just had to find space in the tent. I found the leaves were starting to reach the edge of the cup and it was time to get them into a larger pot. Time to get these planted...
  5. J

    Are these males?

    Growing several autos outside this summer. The look healthy but just noticed something suspicious on all of my 3 Orange Sherbets and some Mephisto strains. It is early flower. Please tell me they are just more buds
  6. Mephisto, Sour Bubbly

    Mephisto, Sour Bubbly

    Day 27
  7. SledDriver71

    Indoor Grow Surf's Up

    I started a second grow Surf's Up* as the first one nears completion. This time, I'm trying out two autoflower strains from Mephisto: Forgotten Cookies and Stilton Special. Thank You Only1Sky This grow will benefit from the knowledge refined and especially the better lighting acquired during my...
  8. Mephisto, Pink Panama

    Mephisto, Pink Panama

    Mephisto, Pink Panama Day 27
  9. Mephisto, Pink Panama

    Mephisto, Pink Panama

    Mephisto, Pink Panama Day 26
  10. Shugrows

    Shu’s grow that goes on and on my friends.

    Im going to start just putting all my grows in this thread instead of each plant having there own. Im going to start it off with this little girl here. She is a wicked witch by magic. she is in soil that a plant hermied at like day 25 or so. Pulled her watered the pot let it sit for a day...
  11. Dankerson

    Dankerson's Grow & Show

    Hello Everyone! I've spent the better part of the last year learning from all the knowledgeable people here and growing autos. I've made a lot of mistakes but I feel I've learned a lot and I am finally starting to get into my rhythm. I'm currently starting my 3rd(ish) run and wanted to do my...
  12. Mephisto 3 Bears OG x Mango Smile (end result)

    Mephisto 3 Bears OG x Mango Smile (end result)

    This grow did not have much of a yield. I didnt weigh it but the end dry weight couldnt have been more than a half ounce between the two plants. The bud does look good and smell good, its in TerpLoc Grove Bags now curing. This has been my first autoflower grow and it was a learning experience...
  13. Sour Crack & Double Grape

    Sour Crack & Double Grape

    Mephisto, Sour Crack & Double Grape Day 1 dry
  14. Friday Night Lights

    Friday Night Lights

    Happy Friday! Glad to put this week behind me after destroying one of my beautiful little plants like a clumsy imbecile! Lesson learned, keep it moving, and moving it certainly is! My kush mints should be popping pistils any day now. The calyx on the main stem have orange at the tips of some of...
  15. ItzSticky

    Mephisto Double Grape Autos / Sick / Needs some loving

    -Problem: I have 3 Mephisto Double Grape that look like they're struggling. Theyre in week 3 and still fairly small. My biggest one leaves are turning yellow. Some leaves are a reddish/purple color with yellow on the edges. My other two have leaves turning brown, as well as brown spots on some...
  16. Double Grape

    Double Grape

    Mephisto, Double Grape Day 69, end of cycle.
  17. Sour Crack

    Sour Crack

    Mephisto, Sour Crack Day 68, end of cycle.
  18. Double Grape

    Double Grape

    Mephisto, Double Grape Day 69, end of cycle.
  19. Sour Crack

    Sour Crack

    Mephisto, Sour Crack Day 67
  20. Sour Crack

    Sour Crack

    Mephisto, Sour Crack Day 65