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Cannabis Seeds
  1. L

    Outdoor Grow Which `OG` from Mephisto?

    Hi guys, I am about to finalise my season 2019 grow plan and wanted to ask your help concerning Mephisto's OG strains. Ripley's OG, 3 Bears OG and Samsquanch OG all sound amazing, but make it hard for me to pick which one to go for (besides various other Meph strains). Grow Setup: Southern...
  2. Mr. K

    2 strain Mephisto CMH 40"x40" tent

    Hi there, I have an intro thread here: I'll pick up here where that thread has left off...
  3. HighnDry

    Grapey Walter, Autopots, Ecothrive Coco Lite, Greenleaf Megacrop

    Third grow, first Mephisto, first journal, first time Autopots and also first coco grow. Winging it with this Ecothrive/Dutch Pro combo so shout if you see me cocking anything up! Lights are 1 x Bestva 1000w and 1 x Generic 1200w LED panels. In a 3'x5'x7' tent with 5 other plants. She's in...
  4. IRE420

    Mephisto and Dutch Passion, Greenhouse 2019

    Hello everyone. :welcome: I'm new to the forum and I am super excited to start my 3rd outdoor grow with some super genentics from mephisto, I'm sure I'll be a mephhead afterwards:smoking: I will be growing one illuminauto Bubbasqaunch and either Critical Orange Punch or Glue Berry OG from...
  5. xthursdayx

    Thursday's First Grow - Sour Stomper & Forum Stomper under LED QBs with chile pepper friends!

    Hey folks, after months of reading and researching I'm just getting ready to embark on my first indoor grow. I figured I'd start a journal here as a way to keep track of everything. This grow will probably be considered a bit unusual because I will be growing 2 autoflower plants (Sour Stomper &...
  6. Autotron

    Indoor Grow Autotron's organic super soil perpetual grow

    After a successful foray into hydro, I'm looking to get something as chill and low maintenance as possible going to give me something to play with, but not take up much time or effort. To that end, a super soil based organic grow fit the bill. I've done these in the past with Kindsoil, but it...
  7. daylighting


    Hi All! Finally cracking some Mephisto beans. I originally bought Triangle and Chemdogging back in April 2017 and put them in the fridge. Due to low ambient temps, I tried to germinate them under HPS, but they got TOO hot and I cooked all 5 of my Triangles and 3 of my Chemdogging (and three...
  8. Lysergik_kid

    anyone grow Ripleys OG?

    Hi everyone.. after a successful 2 plant grow ive decided to upgrade my tent to a 4x4 and only grow 1 time a year instead of 2 or 3 times in a 2x2.. The strain i picked was Ripley's OG as i was told its the biggest and its nice and potent.. i have a couple questions to those who have grown...
  9. Akmatanuska

    Indoor Grow Mephisto 2019 Winter Testers

    Just received the testers from @mephisto yesterday and planted them Strains: Mephisto Genetics (3) Super Orange Haze (2) Pink Panama (2) HubbaBubbaHaze (2) Mango Smile Setup: 4x4x7 Apollo Grow tent, (2) 1000w King LED Plus Panels, (2) 300w Apollo LED Panels, 4 inch inline fan with filter for...
  10. ColoradoDreaming420

    Indoor Grow HYDROPONICS- Reverse Flood Table- Abducted by Aliens in the Bermuda Triangle

    “Science is based on experiment, on a willingness to challenge old dogma, on an openness to see the universe as it really is.” -Carl Sagan Hello. Hello....... Is anyone there? Is this thing on? Well.. if we manage to reach you, we have something to share. We have journeyed far and...
  11. midIN

    Indoor Grow MANGO SMILE

    Was given a great opportunity to test some gear, so here were are. MANGO SMILE, Mango Haze x Toof Decay SETUP 3GAL SMART POT ROOTS ORGANIC EMERALD MOUNTAIN SOIL MEGACROP CRXSUNNY 300W COB 4000K @bushmasterar15 this will be another mephisto battle girl for me
  12. M

    Magnesium deficiency mephisto

    Hi, I hope someone can help me. I'm growing mephisto under 50w cob lights. In Coco/perlite mix and feeding all canna nutrients. I think my problem is a magnesium deficiency which I keep getting just as they move into flower. I use calmag each feed at 1ml per liter minimum up to 1.5ml. If anyone...
  13. Only1Sky

    GROW BATTLES Zamnesia Caramel & Mephisto 4-Assed Monkey (Only1Sky)

    Hey folks, here's my photo journal of Mephisto 4-Assed Monkey plants and Zamnesia Caramels. They will be competing in their respective Feb1-May1 2019 Grow Battles for Mephisto and Zamnesia. Additionally, they'll be competing in: The Biggest Grow Battle in the World General Battle of the Year...
  14. Ribbzzy

    Indoor Grow 2019 Artisanals, Pink Panama, Mango Smile, Super Orange Haze, Hubbabubbahaze

    I've been blessed to have the new Arstisanals drop on the doorstep this morning. Cheers @mephisto team. The new strains sound stunning, a bit of Mr.Nice genetics thrown in the mix too. :woohoo1: The usual setup. Platinum P300, P150, BioBizz nutes, Black Pearl from Grotek, and Root Explosion from...
  15. Only1Sky

    AVT, Forgotten Cookies, Tyrone Special (Sept '18 GOTY - Only1Sky)

    Hi Fellow Meph-Head Growers & Arm-chair Enthusiasts. Here's a little photo journal of my Mephisto entrants in the Sept 2018 Grow Battle Finals. We'll be running an Alien vs Triangle, a Forgotten Cookies and a Tyrone Special. My 1st time with each of these strains. The setup for Tyrone is...
  16. Soil2Coco

    new to AFN

    Hi everyone. I spend most of my time over on Grasscity where I’m known for growing some killer photos. I’ve got some Mephisto autos going along with a DP Brooklyn Sunrise mid way though flower. I just wanted to introduce myself and say high!!?
  17. Paczki788

    Multiple Strain Perpetual Auto Grow & Grow Room Build

    UPDATE: Grow room is built. Lights: 2x Autocobs 2700k, 720w HTGSUPPLY COB(8) LED 3.0, Bestva "2000w" LED Soil: Detroit Nutrient Company Water Only Pot: 5 Gallon fabric pots Ventilation: 2x hurricane 16in wall mounts, 5 lil blizzards, 4in ipower exhaust with carbon filter, 4in air intake...
  18. woody


    Been a while since i've grown, lets see if i can remember how its done. Set up is something like this.... 600w hps 6inch fan/carbon filter Wilma 4 pot with clay pebbles Ghe flora series 3 part with calmag and sm90. Might add some bloom boosters later on. Germed 5 skywalker autos from...
  19. Autogrowzs

    Nute burn ?

    Hi here's my grapey Walter on day 53 Im sure I have overfed her... I have taken many yellow leaves off... Will I have any major issues she hasn't been fed for a week... Really don't want to mess it up thanks
  20. Exivious

    Indoor Grow Second Grow - Bubbly Livers (Mephisto) - Auto-fed Coco Topped ScrOG + Runoff Feeding Experiment

    Scroll down a bit if your main interest is the runoff feeding experiment. I'm sure it's been done before, but what the hell, I thought it'd be interesting anyway. We join this grow in progress on Day 52... I intended to start this thread around Day 25. I wanted to get my new auto-feed and...