1. MissUniverse

    Blue Toof vape report

    Grow journal SeedBank : Mephisto Genetics Strain: Blue Toof Did it autoflower?: Y Soil/hydro: ProMix BX Nutes: GH Trio Light (kind and schedule)...
  2. E

    Sour Crack Auto

    mephisto genetics Sour Crack (1) 300 W LED - 132W actual Root Organics formula 707 FF Trio 2 gallon fabric pot. 2ftX2.4ftX5ft IKEA cabinet for a grow room. 20/4 lights I already have a northern Lights plant in this grow room, not sure if the 2nd plant will be to much but im new to all of...
  3. Canipheng

    Mephisto Forum Stompers LED grow

    Check out my first auto flower grow running megacrop with recharge and impello bennies, HLG quantum boards version 1 x 8 driven with Meanwell HLG 600s. 18 pots in a coco blend.
  4. midIN

    S.O.D.K.-MegaCrop, AutoCob 3500k

    S.O.D.K. -- 3 gallon grow bag Root's Organic Original Emerald Mountain Soil (By Roots Organic) Great White Mycos E.W.C. Nutes- MegaCrop, Bud Explosion, Sweet Candy, + molasses, cal/mg when/if...
  5. Master_Roachi

    New Grower MasterRoachi's mini Mephisto SCROG ft. Autocobs and Megacrop

    Hello AFN, long time lurker. Some may know me from Instagram where I mainly post. Wanted to give some love on the forum and start to log some of my grows here. I get a lot of cool advice and conversation on Instagram, but now that I am starting to know what I am doing, not a lot there are more...
  6. MissUniverse

    Toof Decay (DWC General Hydro) | HBSS (Roots Organic GBD SuperSoil) | & More (ProMix)

    This is a place I'll document my strains randomly. Here's the run down Light: 1x Mars Hydro 600 1xMars Hydro 300 Grow Space: 48*24*60inch tent Soil: DWC, Roots Organic, Promix Container: DWC 5gal, air pot 3 gal, air pot 1 gal Seeds: Mephisto Genetics Toof Decay (DWC-General Hydroponics...
  7. Green Goblin

    Oscorp Industries - Living Organics with Green Goblin

    What's up guys, figured it was time to start a journal. This will be an ongoing journal for anything and everything I do as well as future grows..Just give me a little time and I'll get you updated on what I have going on currently as I'm mid grow with Mephisto's Double Grape. Thank you.
  8. Chuffy

    Sweet Toof "special" pheno

    Hey all just wanted to share the bounty of my Blue Toof special pheno i got going./s I planted these in the last week of February so they are at 63 days old i think. I have never grown such small Do any of you got these growing?
  9. U

    Mephisto Genetics Auto Mystery Mix Seed x 4 newbie grow

    Hi everyone, new grower here. I have a few other plants started, but I'm going to journal this particular grow because I've learned from quite a few mistakes already. I feel like this is my first one where I'm starting relatively educated (relative to my being new, that is). I ordered an...
  10. L

    Is 300g obtainable with my setup?

    Hello guys from AF forum, I'm a newcomer here as a member and a grower. I've been researching a lot throught forums to start my own first grow. I'll run 6 plants on 11L fabric pots with organic soil mix + 30% perlite (4 from mephisto genetics and 2 auto glueberry OG from DP), under 300W...
  11. eamonn

    Mephisto Alien Vs Triangle F2 and Ripley's OG - Timber Lights and Goobox

    Alien Vs Triangle F2 and Ripley's OG - 2 beans of each planted. They are currently 5 1/2 weeks from germ. Tallest is one of the Alien Vs Triangle at 42" - the rest are about 36" - stretch is starting to slow and they have been fed gobox nutes at full dose since day 14. Both are heavy feeders...
  12. Wawashell

    WawaShell’s Meph. Gen. IlluminAuto Grow(s)

    Well Back From Hibernation! :smoking: 24x48x60 Grow Tent (upgrade from make shift tent) 600 watt Kings LED 2 Circulation Fans Mix 3 gal and 5 gal pots and bags Roots Organic Orig. Soil Perlite Bone meal Blood meal Mephisto Genetics IlluminAuto #21 Sour Crinkle x4 Might add 1 or 2 Gold Glues...
  13. A couple Growers

    Tyrone Special DWC

    Light: 1xViparspectra reflector series 600 1x Mars Hydro 600 Grow Space: 48*24*60inch tent Soil: DWC Container: DWC 5gal Seeds: Mephisto Genetics Tyrone Special Nutrients: general hydroponics floratrio Seed germination start date: 5-3-18 Start Date: 5-3-18 Day 1: 5-5-18 No day 1 photos were...
  14. Frosty Budz

    First Time Grow - Outdoors - Northern Cal - Mephisto Auto Skywalker

    Genetics: @mephisto Artisanal - Skywalker auto fem (I love me some indica!!) Location - San Jose, CA (plants get about 8 hours of direct sun each day). ================================= Hi eveyone. I’ve been lurking & learning for a few weeks and was inspired so I recently started my first...
  15. Tyler_Durden88

    Mephisto worth the Money?

    Im looking to buy my next batch of seeds and ive grown autoseeds for awhile bc they have been reliable and consistant and they have a great customer service center. But i want to try somthing new and Mephisto seems to have some good genetics and ive read alot of happy customers reviews. My...
  16. Mossy

    Mephisto GOTY 2018 second leg starts 1st May

    Mephisto Grower of the Year 2018 second leg starts 1st May..:amazon: Sign up now... Rules of Engagement for Growbattles 2018 . Growbattles will be Open to All Challengers. Sponsored Growbattles..where the Vendor provides the product will require a 50 post count to be considered. The...

    Poor germination rates lately!

    I have been growing Mephisto genetics exclusively for almost 3 years now and have up until just recently experienced 100% germination rates. I bought a seven pack of white train from seeds here now because it has been discontinued and is one of my all-time favorites. So far three of the seeds...