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mohawk warrior

  1. VitaMan

    Current Live Stoner Gossip Feb..March..April 2018

    The last day of my workweek and there was a medical emergency I was tending to that needed to go to ER just as a committee I was to orient arrived an hour late, and a client was waiting his appointment with me. I did the first aid got a staff to take him to hospital, apologized to the client...
  2. DreadHeadiez

    Current Live Stoners Gossip Sept/oct/nov 2107

    Man I got lot of questions for a legit edible distributor. I've never had a good edible !?!? N00bs tryna make butter around here makes me cringe . (Looks at self... Looks at pot with canna oil simmering)
  3. mohawk warrior

    DJ Short....

    its time to talk to your ol' buddy mo'
  4. G

    Current Live Stoners Gossip June/July/August 2017

    Love night fishing for channel cats...good times!!
  5. mohawk warrior

    Mo Grows...

    lookin like we are runnin 2 skywalker autos, 2 different photo's of the kush variety via cali... and I threw 6 seeds in water just now from last years concoctions ... should be nice... plus I owe a dinafem ... so I may drop a blue kush also... I took the hanging tomato thing from last year and...
  6. mohawk warrior

    Optic Foliar 4/20 grow out

    alright i'd like to kick this thread off by saying thanks to all the stoners who showed up to the 4/20 celebration... I got wayyyy to baked and slept threw it... but I was told these cool cats bagged some prizes... @Green Goblin @Ash-a-Ton @iampepe @green genes @IceWater421 @nizmoKush @HemiSync...
  7. Mossy

    Outdoor Auto and Photo Grow Battle under the Sun 2017

    Your Host for this Outdoor Auto Photo Grow Battle under the Sun 2017 is @912GreenSkell :d5: Starting May 2017 Autoflower and Photoperiod Outdoor Grow Battle under the Sun 2017 Welcome to the Annual Autoflower and Photoperiod Outdoor Battle of the Year 2017, where grow gladiators will battle...
  8. Jack Vault

    The Vault’s Skywalker Auto Comparative Grow - in association with Mephisto Genetics

    The Vault has teamed up once again with our good buds at Mephisto Genetics to bring you another amazing Comparative Grow – just be careful – the force is strong with this one… Please find details on how to enter this Comparative Grow here...
  9. GoAuto6

    head to head!!! Group of "12" grow off !! with 3 of their larger strains!!

    "The Crazy Nine's Grow Thread" The boy's down in Dina town at it again with the sponsorship of a 9 way head to head battle.. Dinafem Blue Kush Autoflowering Feminised Seeds Dinafem Blue Kush Autoflowering Feminised Seeds Specs Genetics Blueberry Auto x OG Kush Auto Type 50% Indica / 50%...
  10. mohawk warrior

    Mo Grows - G14

  11. mohawk warrior

    Think different long side blue himalaya

    Kwe kwe This is my first post once again... Lol old account disappeared. Did a blue himalaya journal which is gone to, ahh well. So there's another short stuff on the go and a dp think different. One on day 60 the dp is lil over a week. The blue himalaya my guess will go another month tops just...