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  1. F.N.


    I'm growing Five of these babies. They are the newest strain from Seedstockers. Purple punch I love the name.
  2. F.N.

    Sssc grow lava Freeze

    Here is my seeds germinating I started them yesterday. I'm entering one in the independent light competition. It will be under my pro cob 1000 by Platinum led. She will be all by herself it is the first plant I have grown alone that I can remember in 35 years of seeing seeds lol the other is...
  3. Chris Stroupe

    The Guest Who's Back DWC Grow (Sweet Seeds)

    Hi everyone! I have been on a year hiatus dealing with a bunch of life changes but I'm back now ready to get growing again. Starting off small with: 1 Cream Mandarin (sweet seeds) 1 Dark Devil (sweet seeds) DWC 3 gallon buckets 1 280 watt LED 1 600 watt COB Super excited to be back and to...
  4. F.N.

    Quick Critical and Quick Kush

    I have just started two of each. They will be going into my 4x4 and for nutrients I will be using Mega Crop and Bud Explosion. They will be grown in pro mix HP in 3 gallon buckets. I will be using a 6 inch inline fan for exhaust and passive intake via the screens. I will have my PLATINUM LED Pro...
  5. Chronic_ passion

    Distance grow 2.0: A Mephisto AutoPot saga

    I may be a fair way into things right now but I thought I'd share from here on in... I was going to continue from my first thread but thought it better to separate the two for my own personal records. I learnt a lot from my first grow. Mainly that environment really is everything. Even though I...
  6. F.N.

    GG4 photoperiod grow

    Hello my fellow weed enthusiast's I have the soft secrets Hybrid of Europe award. I have six going.They are looking really nice so far IAM trying to get there stretch on.
  7. midIN

    OG Kush Auto

    OG Kush Auto by Humboldt Seed Organization thank you @Dinafem-Mark for offer Setup 3x3 tent MegaCrop Horticultural lighting group 288w QB 3gal smart pot Roots organic emerald mountain soil
  8. midIN

    BIG BUD #2

    BIG BUD by @seed_stockers Setup Horticultural lighting Group QB 288w V2 4000k MegaCrop 3gal smart pot Roots organic emerald mountain soil
  9. F.N.

    Sticky Fingers strain

    I have Two really nice looking STICKY FINGERS both seem to be the same phenotype. They are growing under Quantum boards I think they are around 135 to 150 watts a piece.
  10. F.N.

    Santa Marta Haze

    Here are seeds tickets SANTA MARTA HAZE AUTO. WHAT A TRUE SATIVA. They are stinky sticky good.
  11. F.N.

    Indoor Grow F.N. does Photoperiod strains

    I have three seedstockers sticky fingers photos and a magic trick photo going in my new tent.
  12. F.N.

    ECO98 grow light

    My family decided I need a new light. They just picked up a 600 watt ECO98 it is being delivered. Brand new tech smd chips no cover. Let's see how she does eh. I have two 8x8 tents and need lights. At least my kids are helping there old man.
  13. F.N.

    New Tent 8x8x6.5 Mars 1680 D

    I just purchased a Mars Tent being the day of there live show tonite I got a SCREAMING deal. Just a little over 400.00 Canadian to my door shipping included. Considering the next closest tent to this Caliber is 100'S of dollars more. IAM so happy. This is my fourth tent. I just bought a 600D...
  14. F.N.


    I have been given the honour of testing a new light for Platinum.It is a COB growlight. I will be receiving this baby very soon. This is the first picture released. I can hardly wait. I have zero specs just a picture.
  15. F.N.


    I have received my 3 pound bag of this what looks like a outstanding product. Here is the amount needed per pot.For container plants: Create your soil mix by combining 1/8 Harvest Gold Silica with 7/8 soil mix and mix thoroughly. I think it will work just as good in soil less mix like pro mix...
  16. midIN

    Solo cup challenge 2nd leg????

    Curious to know if there is and will be another solo cup challenge here soon, been wanting to do this since I saw it on here.
  17. F.N.


    I just received my Megacrop In the mail I was glad to see it and from some of the grows on here using it. IAM blown away to try it.
  18. Yourztrulee

    Sour Orange Livers

    SeedBank : Mephisto Strain: Sour Orange Livers Did it autoflower?: Yes Soil/hydro: Soil. Fox Farm Ocean Forest Nutes: Advanced Nutrients (basic) Light Solorstorm 880 From seed to harvest date: Between 2 plants 70ish days. Dry Yield: _g I never got a total weight, but it was...
  19. F.N.

    The one that started all this auto lowryder and brutalis feminized

    This a grow journal of zen seeds. The seeds are soaking as I type they should be ready tomorrow. I will be using green planet nutrients hydro fuel grow and bloom a/b vita thrive root builder tea which is just an amazing product liquid W8 I will be using emerald harvest cal mag massive mammoth P...
  20. F.N.

    BCN XXL grow

    Here is two seedlings ready to get HUGE. I will be feeding green planet nutrients and nothing else.