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  1. Medimadness

    Nicole Cream Auto and Candy Dawg Auto - Medimadness' 1st Battle

    Hey AFN, had some spare time and with the plants not waiting I guess this thread can't either! So this thread is a bit of a three parter: First we have 3 Nicole Creams for the battle spread across 3 slightly different conditions. 2 are in a side by side comparison between my peat pots (cut...
  2. Green Goblin


    SeedBank : Mephisto Genetics Strain: Grape Walker Kush ( Illuminauto No.28 ) Did it autoflower?: Yes ( Day 17 ) Soil/hydro: Living Soil - Custom TLO 2.1 Mastermix ( composted for over 90 days ) instructed by Eyes on Fire & Eyes on Fire's Living seedling mix ( Tiered & plugged ) into 5...
  3. puggle6

    f6's ultimate hydro!

    Hey guys, I number of people have asked for an explanation of my system. This has been difficult to explain while growing and refining so here it is! Combining continuous flow 'organic' hydro, ebb & flow and dwc. This is a modern adaption of a very simple system I used for years with a&b...