mystery seed

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Cannabis Seeds
  1. Haze4dayz

    Haze's eurogrow bubble gum and caramel. + free seed Dinafem auto mystery (completed)

    Hi guys! So I have a couple of things I'm working on now. Just coming to the end of my first auto/photo run. For those that didn't follow along, I obtained a 4x4 tent with 600w HPS from a friend and all kit needed to run it. I used it to finish off a photoperiod plant but I believe the stress...
  2. Wawashell

    Mephisto Mystery Seed

    SeedBank : Mephisto Genetics Strain: Mystery Seed Did it autoflower?: (Y/N) Yes Soil/hydro: 2 gal. Organic Potting soil mix (organic compost soil, coco, vermiculite and some peat) Nutes: Remo Nutrients- Micro, Grow, Bloom, VeloKelp, Magnifical, Nature's Candy and Astroflower Light...