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nag crew

  1. April Fool’s Magical Mystery Drop

    Completed April Fool’s Magical Mystery Drop

    I’ve been digging thru old stock and found a bunch of seeds all mixed up in one of my older containers. I decided to drop a handful on a lark, I’m waiting on some new seeds and I needed to keep my year long monthly drop stagger going so I said what the heck. I ended up with 4 lil sprouties...
  2. baked in the bluegrass

    Purple Dodgers down for the count

    Heya peeps! Just finished a grow of 2 Purple Dodgers from RBI. they took 77 days from pop to chop. they were both grown in coast of Maine supersoil topped with coco Loco for a mostly water only grow. there were a couple of small issues thru the grow but nothing that derailed us. luvly big chunky...
  3. baked in the bluegrass

    Indoor Grow Auto Gelato and friends

    A big shout out to @Fast Buds Heather, she had gifted me some auto gelato seeds back when I first started testing seeds and I’ve finally gotten one in the ground. the seed is about 2 years old so I wasn’t even sure if it would pop. well it popped and she seems to be doing the thing. Gelato is 3...
  4. March drop Fast Buds auto gelato

    Completed March drop Fast Buds auto gelato

    This lil babber broke soil on March 15, auto gelato from Fast Buds. setup is 2gal rootmaker with coco loco. megacrop for base nutes, Epsom and recharge as add ons. lights will be a combo of cobs and qbs. I’m pleasantly surprised, this seed is about a year and a half old, so I’m happy to see...
  5. February drop Night Owl Seeds

    Completed February drop Night Owl Seeds

    Early poppers, we had a mango sunrise and spotless mind, from night owl seeds, break soil on february 3rd. These 2 plants are in 3.9gal autopots with coco loco. we are using megacrop for the base nutes and recharge and Epsom as add ons. these plants are very tall, lanky, and have been trained a...
  6. January Drop RBI Purple Dodgers

    Completed January Drop RBI Purple Dodgers

    Fresh new staggered grow started on January 19th with 2x Purple Dodgers from Rocbud Inc. They are being grown in 5gal pots with coco loco and coast of Maine stonington blend supersoil. they are in a 4x4x6 tent and are being lit up by a couple of 65w cobs. it has been a mostly “water only” grow...
  7. Staggering thru ‘21, Volume 1 Jan-Jun featuring Rocbud Inc, Night Owl Seeds, and Fast Buds

    Staggering thru ‘21, Volume 1 Jan-Jun featuring Rocbud Inc, Night Owl Seeds, and Fast Buds

    A record of an attempted staggered autoflower grow. I’m going to split it into 2 parts as the first half of the year has been spent getting back on track and getting back into some sponsored fast buds grows. The grow started in January with a couple of Rocbud Inc Purple Dodgers. February saw...
  8. Not totally new but pretty much

    Not totally new but pretty much

    So I am starting a 3rd page in here so that I can keep track of all my little ladies inside 1 place! Easier for a stoner to keep track that way! So these are technically at days 61/69 but only went in 6 weeks after my 1st 2 seeds ever. I can easily say that unlike my other 2 gelato that I...
  9. Mephisto + Cultured Biologix

    Mephisto + Cultured Biologix

    Ok hoping to figure this out sooner than later but for now we’ll add an entry to make sure I am doing this process correctly! 1st up are 2 from the batch of seeds I ordered Black Friday! This grow may wind up being experimental in nature since I am swapping to cultured biologix sample pack I...