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  • We're looking for grower submissions for any autoflowers that they have had tested by a lab or using a home testing device. The idea is to create a grouping of tests that we can use a resource to show growers (both new and experienced) what kind of cannabinoids and terpenes some of the strains we're growing are testing out with!

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  1. Headwatergenetic with optic foliar (testing) completed

    Headwatergenetic with optic foliar (testing) completed

    This will be my new run I'll be growing some @headwatergenetics Auto reg seeds 4 x La Berry fruta 4x GDP blast x MI5 3x snow Ryder Photo reg seeds 4x Sirius black Setup Tent: 2x4x6 Lights: 2x viperspec 450 schedule: 18/6 on/off Fans: 190cfm exhaust fan with carbon filter 2x oscillating...
  2. Fastbuds original cheese with mantisbufferednutrients completed

    Fastbuds original cheese with mantisbufferednutrients completed

    This one is a week old this will be first time using mantis won't be using anything else
  3. Female Seeds Auto Bubble

    Female Seeds Auto Bubble

    heya peeps. we are back with the last installment for the Blog Last Drop of 2019! we are super stoked too, the strain is female seeds auto bubble. cant wait to chew on some of that tastiness!!! we actually have another auto bubble going in a smaller solo cup style grow and we wanted to see...
  4. Fast Buds Fastberry and Chemdawg

    Fast Buds Fastberry and Chemdawg

    Heya peeps and peepettes, merry holidaze to you and yours!! just wanted to drop a line for this entry for 2 of the last seedlings to get going this year, Fast Buds fastberry and chemdawg. they are a part of this last drop for the year, and will hopefully be another easy grow for us. everything...
  5. Mephisto Genetics Mango Smile

    Mephisto Genetics Mango Smile

    heya peeps, thanks for stopping by! lets get right to the good stuff and do some introductions. this round is 4 plants and all are in the same pots, medium, and will be on the same basic nute routine. lets knock out the boring deets! strain- mephisto genetics mango smile medium and...
  6. Zen and the Art of Blogging in AFN

    Zen and the Art of Blogging in AFN

    Wassup peeps and peepettes?!?! Just wanted to drop in and say hey and ramble a bit. @Damien50 has rounded up a team of afn peeps to tackle the new blog system and we’ve been lucky enough to have the chance to get involved. I myself luv the blogs, there’s a lot of neat options that give the...
  7. Fast Buds Purple Lemonade

    Fast Buds Purple Lemonade

  8. Mephisto Jammy Dodgers

    Mephisto Jammy Dodgers

  9. baked in the bluegrass

    Testing 1..2..3

    Wassup peeps? At it again with another quick journal to i troduce a grow weve got going on. This grow can also be found in the blog section, but we will put a weekly update here as well so hopefully peeps can find it and such. We have been lucky enough to get to run some testers for the awesome...
  10. baked in the bluegrass

    Purple rain, nope, purple strain

    Wassup peeps? Im bettin this little corner of afn gets crowded here shortly. Better dust off some of these cobwebs lol. So we have been given the opportunity to test and run some of the strains the fine peeps at fast buds have been working on. Ive got a couple of these recorded in the newish...
  11. Mephisto chemdogg completed

    Mephisto chemdogg completed

    This is the 4th plant in my tent with the fastbuds testers and the crinkle in time this one is around the same age as the crinkle in time so coming up on week 3 soon Chemdogg 3rd from the left
  12. Binary Selections Nurple

    Binary Selections Nurple

    Heya guys and gals! Here we go with the final plant in the tent for Operation Pounder, Nurple from Binary Selections. Ya know the drill, heres super duper quick recap of setup.... 5gal pot with amended coco loco Combo of autocobs and qb for light 1 shot from nftg amendment for soil Real Growers...
  13. Auto AK, formerly known as FBTO1

    Auto AK, formerly known as FBTO1

    Heya peeps! So we are back again with 2 more of the seedlings/strains growing in the tent this round. These 2 are unidentified tester strains from fastbuds, a shout out to them for the cool opportunity! The setup is the same as the other plants in the tent so heres ultra quick recap....5gal...
  14. Chemdogging x CDLC

    Chemdogging x CDLC

    Heya peeps! Here we have 1 of the strains in the tent, its a mephisto genetics freebie i received, chemdogging x cdlc. So setup is pretty much exact same across the board in the tent this round, heres the quick recap... *4x4x6 tent *Autocobs and qbs for light, about 370w when everythings...
  15. Megabuds Beastmode Auto

    Megabuds Beastmode Auto

    Wassup peeps? I have been fortunate to get to test Beastmode Auto for our friends at @MegaBuds. Our little seedling just passed the 1 week mark and is looking good, tho i did let her get a touch lanky. Color is perfect, growth has been excellent so far. Lets back it up tho and i'll give ya...
  16. Fastbuds original white widow sour diesel completed

    Fastbuds original white widow sour diesel completed

    I was lucky to get some tester seeds they are labeled FBTO9 and FBTO13 I started them in jiffy pucks and they been put into 2gal pots of coco perlite mix I'l be using megacrop and sweet candy bud explosion and calmag and some left over b52 rhizo blast to prepare thr pots used some biofuse...
  17. Mephisto cdlc x ss battle girl

    Mephisto cdlc x ss battle girl

    So here's what I have going right now she's around day 42 sharing the tent with a northern lights for now she's under the optic2
  18. What's in the tent

    What's in the tent

    Setup Tent: 2x4x6 Lights: 1x #optic2 1x viperspec 450 schedule: 18/6 on/off Fans: 190cfm exhaust fan with carbon filter 1x oscillating monkey fan 1x 6in fan Medium: 2gal air pots canna coco bricks plus perlite Nutrient: cangenx mantisbufferednutrients .