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  1. Foxhunter

    Suggestions is everything looking ok

    The two big ones are Hindu Kush 23 days old and the smaller ones are sour crack 16 days old,, first time here just looking for experienced people's opinions thanks keep token
  2. Foxhunter


    How do I down load the form,, im not very good at this kinda thing,, but i need some info about my one plant thanks keep token
  3. J

    Sour Crack- day 58

    Hello All- Please take a look at my lady and provide your thoughts as today marks 58 days from sprout. Took my last one down at 58 days and thinking I should wait til Saturday as she will be 63 days. Jackson
  4. J

    Sour Crack-Day 54

    Hello All Attached are pics from my baby girl. Buds are frosty and getting fat! When I say 54 days, that is from sprout so it's 59 days from seed. I'm thinking about chopping her Monday. By looking at her pics do you think that's about right or cut her now or wait? This is the best grow I've...
  5. J

    Sour Crack and chemdogging- Day 17

    Good Morning Folks Here are pics of both ladies at Day 17. The one on the left is sour crack and the other is chemdogging. What a difference in strain. Looks like the sour crack is starting to flower. Thoughts are appreciated. Jackson
  6. J

    Sour Crack and Chemdogging- Day 15

    Good Morning All Please see the attached pics of my girls and let me know what you think. Soil- roots organic mixed with GBD soil in bottom half. Pots-5 gallon Lights- solar flare 220 Water- distilled They both appear to be doing well. Sour Crack is the smaller of the 2. Not sure why...
  7. budelee

    Official Optic Foliar Cannazone Test Thread

    Welcome to another great Cannazone test Sponsored by :worship:Dinesh and Optic Foliar:worship: :welcome:First we Start with a Giant Thank You to Dinesh for sponsoring this test. Optic Foliar has graciously given the test team a Huge supply of their products to put on the hot seat, and I'm sure...