nutrient schedule

  1. D

    When do you start feeding nutes in Coco and how much?

    Hey Fam I recently started a 2x4 tent with 6 plants, I didn't fertigate for the first 8 days. 3 plants came out with major Cal-Mag issues that they have not ever fully recovered from. Massively stunted growth. Questions: Coco has no nutrient properties at all, when do you start fertigation...
  2. Bgddsq

    Feeding schedule opinions

    Hello AFN . I would like to hear some opinions regarding this feeding schedule ( ratios , products ). I want to say that this schedule isn't tested yet and i would like to hear from you what do you think ? Will it be effective ? Or is it useless? This schedule is based on Advanced Nutrients...
  3. detentionbuddy

    Need advice

    I am using a 600 watt mh/hps light with a 4x4x7 tent. Planning on using ffof with the ff trio plus bud candy and cal mag on my second grow. Growing devils cream auto. All that being said what is a good feeding schedule with the above nutes? Any advice is greatly appreciated!