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  1. CanadianStorm

    Feeding a Ruderalis with ph neutral Rose Water ? Sugar free and floral notes

    Hi peeps! So I've been reading lots of crazy threads where people have been feeding fruit juice to their plants. Beside soaking the bottom of a branch in fruit juice once its harvest time, there are not many options out there. It doesnt give a great result when smoked, if there was too much...
  2. G

    Autoflower Nutrient Schedule using GH Flora Series in Soil

    Hello, This is my first post on this forum and in a few weeks I am going to be starting my first grow. (I will be using Roots organics rod potting soil) What should my feeding schedule be? I am a newbie so a detailed guideline or a link to a detailed guideline would be appreciated. The main...
  3. Son of Hobbes

    Organic vs Inorganic Nutrients: Is there really that big a difference in final product?

    So if plants don't know the difference between organic and inorganic input of nutrients, is there REALLY that big of a difference between plants that are grown organically versus inorganic in the final product? If buds are grown with synthetic nutrients but still smell like fuel, smoke like...
  4. Son of Hobbes

    The Autoflower Network welcomes Prescription Blend!

    Good morning everyone! The Autoflower Network would like to welcome the company Prescription Blend to our forum! Prescription Blend is a complete 6 part nutrient kit for growing cannabis. From their own description: COMPLETE 6 PART NUTRIENT KIT - Can be used in Hydroponics, Coco, Soil...
  5. AnotherNewbie

    New Grower Need help choosing soil & fertilizer for outdoor

    Hey ^-^ First of all, thanks for taking your time to maybe help me out a bit & share your suggestions, I really appreciate it :d5: So I'm relatively new to growing in general and I'm going to take care of a few autos (Honey Peach Auto CBD & Jack Herer Auto) next season. The enviroment is a...
  6. N

    Nutrient lockout ? LSD BARNEYS FARM

    Hey guys I’m having this problem with this girl.. I’m using AD PERFECT PH GROW,MICRO,Bloom 4ml per L 27/8• daily 17/18• night Rh 45 Strain: LSD auto
  7. DreamClouds

    First Grow Set Up Advice, Please

    Hello to all. Just trying to finalize a couple major components to my first grow set up. Namely: lights, soil and nutrients. Total Budget for Grow: $6,000 Tent: 6.5’ x 6.5’ x 6.5’ Goal: 4-6 pounds Obviously, I don’t expect to hit my goal on my first grow. But, I do feel like that is a big...
  8. Mañ'O'Green

    Grow Battle Show Case 2019 St. Tom is Light Grower 2019 Champion

    Vote for 3. Lighting Grower of the Year 2019 will start the Championship Round. These are the potential Gladiators: Top 5 2018 Champion Growers COB 1st @F.N. 2nd @Mañ'O'Green 3rd @bushmasterar15 4th @Feenix 5th @Only1Sky 5th @Jibblerjoe LED 1st 2nd @Only1Sky 3rd @St. Tom 4th...
  9. Bgddsq

    Feeding schedule opinions

    Hello AFN . I would like to hear some opinions regarding this feeding schedule ( ratios , products ). I want to say that this schedule isn't tested yet and i would like to hear from you what do you think ? Will it be effective ? Or is it useless? This schedule is based on Advanced Nutrients...
  10. DenzelFreegreen

    Indoor Grow My Experimental Journal

    Over my years of cannabis growing I have tried almost any method imaginable...on photos. And now it is time to test them out on autos. I love running experimental grows and this thread will be a compilation of every method I've tried with the results I've witnessed
  11. Mañ'O'Green

    Light Grower of the Year 2019 Leg 2

    Lighting Grower of the Year 2019 will start the second of two qualifying legs 1st May. Any seed as long as it is grown under light of Any kind. Standard Battle Rules apply Rules of Engagement for Growbattles 2019 . Growbattles will be Open to All Challengers. Sponsored Growbattles..where...
  12. James Rogers

    I need a doctor

    Hey guys, back in action again with a way more secure grow spot; much more safe and weed friendly. Anyways, so I'm currently trying "trying" to grow some Mephisto Grapey Walter, germed it in wet paper towel and she popped day 3. Threw her in a soil mixture of perlite, biobizz lightmix and my...
  13. ponic_farmer

    Advanced Nutrients PPM

    Hi All, I am using Advanced Nutrients GROW MICRO BLOOM base nutes (at half dose - 2ml/l) and the following additives: Rhino Skin, Voodoo Juice, Tarantula, Piranha, Nirvana, Calmag X, Ancient Earth, B-52, Big Bud, Bud Candy, Bud Factor X, Bud Ignitor, Sensizyme, Overdrive, Flawless Finish. If...
  14. jasperdooauto

    Newby grower green planet 3 part kit questions

    Hey all I picked up a green planet 3 part kit. was just wondering if anyone has used them before and had any tips =) all bottle's are 500ml doing four plants outdoors (skunk auto from strain hunter's and sweet deep grapefruit from dinafem) also bought 1 liter of pro Cal ,plant guard and 1 liter...
  15. T

    Questions about Greenleaf Megacrop Nutes

    Hi guys, I am interested in trying Greenleaf Megacrop Nutes after being told they are good quality. Growing in Coco Coir. I made a post about wanting to switch nutes from Canna Coco A+B. I used these nutes for my first run, but they're pretty damn overpriced so I want to switch. I have some...
  16. detentionbuddy

    Need advice

    I am using a 600 watt mh/hps light with a 4x4x7 tent. Planning on using ffof with the ff trio plus bud candy and cal mag on my second grow. Growing devils cream auto. All that being said what is a good feeding schedule with the above nutes? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  17. M

    General Organics GO BOX

    Ok I'm about to go from an Advanced Nutrients user to General Organics Go Box lineup.! Now, since I'm used to feeding every day with the advanced nutrients lineup I'm a bit confused as to how I should feed with the General Organics... I'm looking for someone that's got good expert experience...
  18. Son of Hobbes

    Q4 2018 - DutchPro Communal Grow Test

    Hey guys, it sounds like most of the testers are having their nutrients touching down, so we're going to kick off the communal test thread and encourage anyone using DutchPro (testing or not) to feel free grow along with the test growers and ask questions and offer feedback! Should be a good...
  19. Archaic

    Alaska Naturals

    I did not see where these had their own topic here, so -POOF- now they do. So these are now on the shelf at Walmart and Lowes. They are best known for their fish fert but they are obviously making a discreet push into the home canna growing sector with the roll out to big box stores. Owned by...