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organic grow

  1. D

    What should I add to roots organic original potting soil for a water only mix?

    I'm currently getting ready for my next grow after this failed NLS grow finally finishes. I plan to use roots organic original potting soil as the base again; this stuff worked very well in the veg stage. I'm looking for a water-only mix. What should I add to the Roots Organic original...
  2. S

    New grow

    About to drop some purple lemonade auto seeds from fast bud seeds. I am gonna use roots organic lush super soil throughout the whole grow as long with no added nutrients besides calmag. Any advice or suggestions?
  3. A

    Help me go organic!

    Hello! I really want to go organic for my mephisto seeds that I am waiting on. Please, give me a simple but effective method to get most out of my seeds! Anything no matter the price I can get if someone walks me through the steps thoroughly as I have a hard time understanding soil...
  4. L

    Newbie In organic soil needs help.Can this plant be saved?

    Of I did anything wrong in posting this please let me know so that I can make the correct changes ..Thank you guys Problem:Ok I have a 7 week strawberry pie auto from fast buds. This plant is pale green with bud sites but no smell or trichomes on the plant .I had to leave town for several days...
  5. L

    World Wide Please help a newbie in organic soil

    Ok so this is my first time running in soil I wanted to compare it to dwc to see which one is easier for me to grow.Heard soil was easier to run but I am having alot of problems. I am running roots organic roots nutrients with bio bizz light mix. And I also mixed some down to earth organic fish...
  6. Fermented_Fruitz

    Surprise strain testers

    So gonna go ahead and do a thread for these babies since the auto testers I got are as of now code named X4 auto with name to come later! Guess @RocBudInc thought I’d blab if he told me the name now! :rofl: Im a week in on them as of now so about to do some day 1-7 updates to kick it off...
  7. TaTHC

    New grow year

    Im growing 1 photo and that will be gelato but for autos ill be growing Critical purple and gsc I'm starting off with ocean forest Some coco Perlite vermiculite azomite worm castings Diamataceous earth Epsom salt Dr earth ap 465 Lights - viparspecrtra 600 I'm gonna start in jiffy pots...
  8. O

    Organic grow, auto ultimate. Deficiency day 55, HELP!

    Dutch passion auto ultimate, day 55. Organic grow. Bio bizz all mix soil Bio bizz grow, bloom, cal/mag, top max. What is going on with her leaves? First I noticed red spots on the bottom fan leaves, I fed cal/mag and then the problem went away, come pre flower. It was back, worse than...
  9. O

    Day 55 Organic grow ,bio bizz all mix soil ,bio bizz nutes

    I'm at day 55 auto ultimate Dutch passion. 13ltr pots, all mix soil by bio bizz, nutes = Bio bizz nutes Grow, Bloom, Top max, Cal/Mag I've had a cal/mag deficiency for a week or two, it's got worse the last few days, even after feeding, last feed was 4 days ago, two litres of water 1.6ml...
  10. Ankhese

    Help for organic growing options

    Hello there, I have been growing photoperiod plants with hydroponic agriculture for a long time. That's why I have never smoked organic weed yet. I'm tired of constantly adjusting the ec and ph values. Some people say that if I use bio nutrient, there is no need to calculate the ec value. For...
  11. hotdogking15

    Slow to flower

    This is my blue dream auto and it’s been nearly 2 months and it’s only just started flowering?? It’s also so short? The only reason I’m freaking out is cause I ran out of weed ahahha. I’m guessing this definitely isn’t normal lol.:pass:
  12. Blue Dream and Dr Jack Autos!!

    Blue Dream and Dr Jack Autos!!

    Hey!! Currently only on day 5 of my first grow and everything seems to be going okay so far. However there’s always plenty of room for error.. I was a little worried about Dr Jack cause of the colour and being so bright or yellow tinted in the centre, she’s growing a bit slower than Blue Dream...
  13. hotdogking15

    Organic nutrients?

    So, I’m very new to this and am ready to start growing my blue dream auto and dr jack. I [think] I’m purchasing a 600W led and am dead set on growing with all natural fertilisers (kelp meal, worm castings, bat guano etc) in coco coir/perlite. Would it be risky to only feed them “compost tea”...
  14. Fermented_Fruitz

    Rocbudinc testers Grape Slurri Auto SIP grow

    So I am hoping this wasn’t supposed to stay a secret for longer or something along those lines cuz got me a new edition to the tentski! Literally chopped purple roc berry and within 36hrs was replanted in same box! Instead of using seedling soil where I popped it just gonna try waiting to amend...
  15. yo's grows

    Outdoor Grow First time grow - Outdoor/Soil/Dinamed Kush cbd

    Hi guys, new to AFN this is my first time growing so I wanted to document it day by day. Really just to have some fun with it ,Experiment and learn as much as possible (so any tips and tricks will be much appreciated :mrgreen:). I have some experience in growing tomatoes with good results so I...
  16. Organic Mary Jane featuring Fastbuds, Seedstockers, SSSC, Female Seeds and biotabs

    Organic Mary Jane featuring Fastbuds, Seedstockers, SSSC, Female Seeds and biotabs

    Equipment list as follows 1x1x2m grow tent. I also have a closet that measures 50x90x170cm. Both are lit using hps and both have extractor fans and filters. I don't remember the specs! A tower fan and several clip on fans are used for circulation. 50/50 Coco and Perlite with 2in perlite at...
  17. Cosmic_haze

    Autopots and Live Soil

    Ok guys I'm fixing to get my 2 single autopots system up and running... I'm thinking on doing an organic grow with live soil since all I'll need is just water in the Reservoir... Has anyone got any experience using live soil (super soil) in these pots and also, should I use a layer of Perlite...
  18. Bigg Al

    Bigg Al does Dp Auto glueberry in Organic soil

    Hey all, Doing my first Organic soil grow! I'm using Roots Organic soil, grow tea and bloom tea. Roots Organic has 14-21 day charge in the soil so no feeding. This will be ph water only. I also was gifted some organic amendments from The Green Sunshine Company. Dan over there is still trying...
  19. crags82

    Canadian Winter grow

    Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted a new grow journal so here it goes... Long story short, I built a “cabinet” we will call it, in my shed outside. It’s fairly small at only approx 4 feet high x 3 feet wide. Framed and insulated into a seperate area in my shed. Being that I do live in...
  20. Plantbased

    I need a plant doctor! (Revised with picture)

    Hello world and those who inhabit it. I have a situation: Organically grown Plants dying/on verge of death after going completely dry over night. They are my first grow experience survivors :baby: SETUP: *Lemon Bud plants (feminized/photoperiod) by Green label Seeds *grow tent *600w LED with...