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  1. Day 35

    Day 35

    Hey friends, Here we are...gonna stop posting photos of each individual plant cuz they're starting to meld in the photographs and it's hard to tell them apart anyway. I split up 2 cups of fish hydrolysate amongst the 9 big plants here, thinking it was a heavy dose (I used to give my big...
  2. Day 28

    Day 28

    Things look pretty good I'd say, this week I started seeing an obvious switch to flowering on most of my plants. I did a little LST to help even out the canopy a bit but probably will back off so I don't stress the plants too much as they are starting to bud. Next year I'm gonna do LST only, no...
  3. othaslimkid

    Slightly pale, skinny new growth on Alien v Triangle. Outdoor organic grow.

    Hey all, hard to really call this plant "sick" as I think she's doing pretty well all in all. But compared to the other ladies in my garden the new growth leaves are undoubtedly a shade pale, skinny, and only 5 and 3-fingered... I would have expected her to be putting on 5's and 7's. It almost...
  4. UncleJesus

    1st Time Grow Results + Custom Build

    1st time grower here. Take a look at my build I made plus some flowering pics! Close to harvest. Will update you all on results! 2x2x4 Custom Grow Cabinet WHATS INSIDE? Links included - 110 CFM Computer Fan (AC INFINITY AXIAL1238) $21.99 - Parfact Works 250 Watt LED $86.00 - Parfact Works 1000...
  5. Pistol95

    pH too high, any help?

    I'm growing a lambs breath autoflower in a 5 gallon smart pot and my medium is Sunshine Mix #4 with organic dry nutes pre mixed into the medium. After it started to flower I top dressed it with power bloom and a week or so after that I top coated it with worm castings. I finally got my digital...
  6. Dis

    Indoor Grow New Grower (3rd cycle) - 4x DP Daiquiri Lime

    Greetings all, new to the site and relatively new to growing. In my third year of organic gardening / urban homesteading (edibles, ornamentals, & medicinals - 400 sq ft of actual soil surface), and I am finally at a point where I can start to address some of the issues I've had indoors, in...
  7. Gelato auto by fast buds. Grow #1

    Gelato auto by fast buds. Grow #1

    The seed is In. :woohoo: This is an organic grow. Hopefully no nutrients needed but I do have some fish poo if needed :crying: Humidity 58% Temp 73 Ph water 6.8 24 hr 600w Led. Day 4 Day 5 End week 5: Concerned about nutrient level still but otherwise I think she's doing well. I'm hoping...
  8. othaslimkid

    Outdoor Organic Mephisto Grow in Northern Climate

    Greetings AFN neighbors and friends, I'm a hobby gardener living at 45° N in Vermont, and high elevation. I've been growing photoperiod plants for a number of seasons, outdoors in organic soil, with good success. I've typically grown between 2 and 5 plants that have turned out nicely overall...
  9. Son of Hobbes

    Organic vs Inorganic Nutrients: Is there really that big a difference in final product?

    So if plants don't know the difference between organic and inorganic input of nutrients, is there REALLY that big of a difference between plants that are grown organically versus inorganic in the final product? If buds are grown with synthetic nutrients but still smell like fuel, smoke like...
  10. created2live4ever

    Deformed leafs in TLO

    This is my first grow ever. I planted two Auto Bubblegum seeds in True Living Organics style soil. One of them is more deformed than the other. The second one is slightly behind with growth and deformation is barely seen. I suspect the roots hit the supersoil and got stunned. THat would explain...
  11. O

    Best Premade Organic Living Soil

    Hey people, Going in to my first grow, and I have about everything chose aside from the soil I’m going to use. Planned grow setup is a 3gallon fabric smart pot in a 2x2 grow tent. I want to use a bagged super soil to make the process easier. My goal is to add/amend as little as possible...
  12. Marthajeep

    Must read! Lst difficulties

    Hey AFN folks! It’s been over a decade since I’ve grown last and times have changed to say the least. So it’s time to grow! So I have two plants growing both around 3 weeks from germ. My setup is a 1,000w led 30” above with dimmers, my temp stays around 77 and humidity right about 50. No nutes...
  13. created2live4ever

    EU Only TLO soil German version - anybody?

    Guten Tag everybody! I'm a total newbie to cannabis. Am reading "TLO" by The Rev and "DIY Auto" by Jeff Lowenfels atm. Simultanously I read your great posts on this forum. Am starting to understand more and more on the topic. If I ever wanted to pland a seed or two (not before the prohibition...
  14. AnotherNewbie

    New Grower Need help choosing soil & fertilizer for outdoor

    Hey ^-^ First of all, thanks for taking your time to maybe help me out a bit & share your suggestions, I really appreciate it :d5: So I'm relatively new to growing in general and I'm going to take care of a few autos (Honey Peach Auto CBD & Jack Herer Auto) next season. The enviroment is a...
  15. Benjidubwise

    Too wet, too dry, too hot, too bright? Seedling issues. TLO indoor grow.

    Greetings all. I've got some droopy-ass seedlings at the moment. Both different strains from different breeders in different sized pots. Firstly, Auto Green Crack from Fastbuds in a 5 gal pot. 92cm (36.2inch) from light. She's on day 12 & looks like this: Secondly, Auto Critical from Royal...
  16. IceWater421

    icewater421 Ongoing photoperiod Journal

    Hey Afn Icewater here and I’m back on another Photoperiod grow I’m hoping you would like to follow along. I’m just going to be posting all my photoperiod grows in this thread. I have switched over to organics about 8 months ago using kootney bio soil top dress and teas with earth worm castings...
  17. Bong Whisperer

    Completed Rudimentary container size test

    Hi all. This will be a simple grow-off between 10l / 2.6 gallon vs 5l / 1.3 gallon buckets. Here's the specs: Dutch passions Auto Ultimate, from same bag. Same distance from 200w (from wall) led, which is on 24/7. Same mix of Biobizz light + FLO supersoil stuff (30:1 top 1/4, 7.5:1 rest of the...
  18. Bong Whisperer

    Completed Like a virgin (soil + FLO + Blumat + 200w + 1 stoned dumbass)

    Our story starts at day 30*. One plant only, a Black Domina*. Soil is Biobizz with Florian's Living Organics supersoil-stuff, which means I'll be adding water only, and there is a Blumat Maxi irrigation thingy on top. DIY light with 6 x 50w Chinese COB = 208w actual draw. Seems good so far, no...
  19. blue

    SSSC Lava Freeze (Bio-Tabs & Telos LED)

    Hello There!! :welcome: :welcome: :welcome: Here begins the journey from seed to harvest of these rare and exciting new feminized photoperiod seeds from Super Sativa Seed Club called LAVA FREEZE!! I've been lucky enough to be chosen by SSSC to do a little grow show, and will do my best for...
  20. Okie4

    First grow !! Feed/water schedule

    Hey fellas ! I’ll be starting my first grow in the next few days with a couple blue dream autos from Fast buds. ( 3 Gallon fabric pots in black gold organic natural soil) I plan on using the General Hydroponics Flora Trio and some Cal Mag plus for nutrients. I have been researching and looking...