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  1. C

    Jack herer, mainly outdoor af winter grow

    Hi folks, new here. And just started three af Jack herer. they will be outside in the daytime while sunny and will be back in the house or the studio at nighttime’s and if get snow etc. Mainly organic, light Cacts soil, vermiculite and compost to start off but then adding a bit of monster bloom...
  2. smokeyfromau

    Smokey's First time Dinafem Grow - Gorillia Auto

    First time growing a Dinafem seed, and not the last :d5: Auto Gorilla - She was the first up, is doing well, apart from a gnat issues that seem common here. SOIL - Searles Premium Organic Potting Mix A few pics of Auto Gorilla 4th September 9th September
  3. R

    outdoor/ budrot already??

    checked both my outdoor gardens yesterday, i had to pluck an auto out of the ground because of budrot (completely fooked) and cut a branch of my guerilla ryder as it had a little too, at the second garden one of my big northern lights had one infected bud !! im in the sunny costa del' ireland...
  4. nofrills

    Outdoor autos July2019

    Hi all, I'm a bit late, but i wanted to start a growjournal and get some input from experienced growers, and share my own do's and don'ts:) I have planted 4 autos on 29.6.2019 after 2 days of germination using the waterglass and papertowell method. 3 x RQS Blue Cheese Automatic (fem) 1 x RQS...
  5. Illini4life

    NEW GROWER - In need of some guidance... Outdoor grow

    Hello all. So I am literally starting my first grow ever in about 1 weeks time, it is a little unpredictable with weather here in Illinois as it just snowed last week and the week before it was 70s and sunny. I am going to be attempting an outside grow because of lack of inside grow equipment. I...
  6. Esoteric

    Outdoor Grow Soil (Newbie)

    Hey guys, new to the forum and growing. Getting ready to pop some Crop King White Widow autos for outdoor growth, but not sure what soil to start. I’m in Las Vegas, temps get about 100f during the summer. Thanks for any help, will be documenting my progress.
  7. A

    BLACKBERRY AUTO by Fast Buds (OUTDOOR WINDOWSILL 1,6lt small pot)

    Hi there! I’ve just germinated a Blackberry Auto from Fast Buds and I’ve put it in a 1,6lt pot (yes i’ts small but I wantto be discrete about it) by my room window. I’m using the bio bizz try pack outdoors for supplements and bio bizz light mix for soil. If you guys have any tips and tricks to...
  8. James Rogers

    Az heat RETURNS!

    Hey AFN, long story short feels good to be back. What an adventure I have been through! Wow. So originally I was going to start this thread a week ago with a seed I had germed, however I guess I struck out because she didnt shell her outer casing; this resulted in me attempting to remove the...
  9. Sit a Spell

    Baby steppin' Outdoors

    I'm a first time auto grower. I have indoor experience from many years ago. Clearly not the same at all. A feminized tangerine dream. Approx 3 gallon fabric pot. Where? Coastal South Carolina. Full sun 8-10 hours a day Soaked and paper towel germination Placed seed in jiffy mix (about 1cup) in...
  10. Haze4dayz

    First time growing. Time to say hello!

    Hello everyone, so I recently moved to Spain and decided it was probably about time to try having a go at growing my own instead of paying rip off prices like you would get back in the UK! Admittedly it is cheaper here but still... If I can grow my own why not?! So I've decided to grow outdoors...
  11. Koalabeer

    Auto and Photo Grow up North - Light Deprivation Party!

    Hi growers from around the world, 5 photos and 6 autos are chillin' in the sunny garden and are receiving lots of love and pleasure-pain :naughtystep:. 2017 was not only the year a Morty got elected president of the citadel of Ricks (amazing) but also the year I failed completely at growing...
  12. Tetlis

    Baby steps and the cultivation of autoflowers

    So yeah, that's but put mildly. I have grown crappy photos before, loooooong time ago. They were crappy. Sorta put me off of growing. All in on the autos now, full tilt and cowabunga, or whatnot. My mission statement and thus the ultimate goal for this grow is this: To kill the plant...
  13. GreensKeeper

    Critically Acclaimed Critical + 2.0 Auto strain (Dinafem)...1st Outdoor Journal

    Greetings to all you wonderful people! :biggrin::bighug: I hope that you enjoy this journal, I will try my best to keep it short on the text as I ramble loads. Any commentary, advice, criticism and love is welcomed with open arms. This is an experimental grow to try and ramp up my skills for...
  14. KenBacon

    Beginners questions before first grow

    Hi everyone, I have been transfixed as of late with growing my own cannabis, and after reading lots on the internet, I decided to create this tread with some questions I have before starting my very first grow. I will try to give as much info on what I plan to do,and hopefully some of the...
  15. Jack Nastyface

    A little help?

    Hey, y'all! Would some of you fine growers mind taking a look at my journal to give me a little feedback on where I am with my grow? https://www.autoflower.net/forums/threads/lets-try-this-again-1st-grow-nirvana-bubblicious-outdoor-native-soil-organic.60513/ Thanks for any help you all can...
  16. Jack Nastyface

    Let's try this again... 1st Grow Nirvana Bubblicious, Outdoor, Native Soil, Organic

    I started a journal in the Outdoor Grow section and haven't gotten much traffic. Here's the link... https://www.autoflower.net/forums/threads/1st-time-grow-outdoor-native-soil-nirvana-bubblicious.60463/. I'm moving the rest of the journal here in hopes of getting more feedback as to how things...
  17. G

    Different Sweet and Dinafem auto seeds at lat.59n

    Hello This is my third year of outdoor growing. Earlier I have grown Low ryder and Ak 47 auto, but mainly Low ryders. Low ryder grow very well at this latitude, but it is not very strong. So this year I want to try some different strains. Hopefully some of the will grow big too. The choice fell...
  18. N

    Outdoor autoflowers newbie

    Hey new to the site and growing was planning on growing some 6 shooters (crystal meth/Columbia air lines) autoflowers outside, will probably germinate in early June. I will be getting 14-15 hours of sunlight for my season, beginning in June and in August the sun light will obviously become...