outdoor growing

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  1. jasperdooauto

    Greetings from the great north!=)

    hi all i'm new to growing and auto flowers ,going to do my first real grow in the spring =) , got Strain hunters Auto Fem Skunk and a Canuk Seeds Auto Fem cheese , doing an Outdoor grow & following Tangs beginner grow schedule .Was thinking about adding ADV B-52 but have no clue haha, hope i...
  2. puffy

    Semi-auto \ extremely sensitive strains for northern growers

    So, considering I did a bit of outdoors before and was quite active in the community surrounding these plants I would like to recommend a few strains to people that grow from 54n-60n. Here is a trick to make them flower even faster: when you plant them outside, plant them in containers you dig...
  3. KenBacon

    Beginners questions before first grow

    Hi everyone, I have been transfixed as of late with growing my own cannabis, and after reading lots on the internet, I decided to create this tread with some questions I have before starting my very first grow. I will try to give as much info on what I plan to do,and hopefully some of the...
  4. Dr. Babnik

    Doc goes nuclear outdoors - Atomic

    I intended my @BombSeeds Atomic as a mother plant, but she has become a too big girl for that. My first photo seed was this Atomic and as a complete noob with photos, I grew her too big. Now I have found a summer camp for her outdoors and taken cuttings for a new mother plant. I still...