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  1. M

    Is it ready ??

    Hey ppl is it ready or not ?
  2. Day 35

    Day 35

    Hey friends, Here we are...gonna stop posting photos of each individual plant cuz they're starting to meld in the photographs and it's hard to tell them apart anyway. I split up 2 cups of fish hydrolysate amongst the 9 big plants here, thinking it was a heavy dose (I used to give my big...
  3. The outdoor grow of doom?

    The outdoor grow of doom?

    Was super excited about finally growing autoflowers outdoors. Until.. Michigan got the Arizona-type summer. No lie. This blog may not be updated that much. It's gonna depend on how the ladies fare in this heat. I've taken precautions where I can. But ultimately, Summer 2020 may NOT have been...
  4. Day 28

    Day 28

    Things look pretty good I'd say, this week I started seeing an obvious switch to flowering on most of my plants. I did a little LST to help even out the canopy a bit but probably will back off so I don't stress the plants too much as they are starting to bud. Next year I'm gonna do LST only, no...
  5. The Stoned Paddy

    Outdoor grow Ireland Dinafem WW XXL Auto

    Hi all, first time grower from Ireland here looking for slme advise from the experts. I have 5 Dinafem White Widow XXL Autos 70 days old today. The 2 biggest are 110cm tall, the smallest is 83cm and the other 2 about 90cm. My question is gow long do you think i have left before harvest and also...
  6. othaslimkid

    Slightly pale, skinny new growth on Alien v Triangle. Outdoor organic grow.

    Hey all, hard to really call this plant "sick" as I think she's doing pretty well all in all. But compared to the other ladies in my garden the new growth leaves are undoubtedly a shade pale, skinny, and only 5 and 3-fingered... I would have expected her to be putting on 5's and 7's. It almost...
  7. E

    New outdoor grower advice/tips needed

    Hi guys I’m a first time grower and just joined this forum. I purchased seeds from barneys farm (Wedding cake auto and zkittlez auto) and I have them outside in 15 litre pots. I used a mix of clay pebbles and biobizz all mix. I also added some vermiculite. They were planted 4 and a half days...
  8. othaslimkid

    Outdoor Organic Mephisto Grow in Northern Climate

    Greetings AFN neighbors and friends, I'm a hobby gardener living at 45° N in Vermont, and high elevation. I've been growing photoperiod plants for a number of seasons, outdoors in organic soil, with good success. I've typically grown between 2 and 5 plants that have turned out nicely overall...
  9. Jraven

    Jravens Alaska Summer 2020

    Hi friends, I've got a few seedlings going so time to fire up a journal. I'm in Southeast Alaska (the 'panhandle') where it's pretty mild but tends to be cool and rainy a lot. Not the greatest growing climate but we get our sunny summer days now and then:goodluck: I love it here and wouldn't...
  10. N

    New grower with some questions

    Hello! This year I've decided to try and grow a couple of plants outside.I find lots of different information on the Internet, but I think that here I can get the most accurate one. So, I own a couple of autoseeds and a couple of regular seeds (Lemon Skunk ; Somango ; Auto Super...
  11. B

    In ground soil opinions

    i’m looking for advice/opinions on premix soil and soil conditioners for an outdoor in ground gorilla grow. i can visit the location fairly easy but would prefer not to for the most part. i will be growing fast buds gelato autos and am located at 40* north latitude wise. I live in farm country...
  12. NekoSempai

    Outdoor! How do they do?

    Hello guys! I have not been around here in a long time, and I remember Mephisto being some of the best auto's I grew indoors. I am limited to outdoor this year and I'd like to grow some of these again. How do they fair outside? I live in California so climate is great! My main concern is pests...
  13. AnotherNewbie

    New Grower Need help choosing soil & fertilizer for outdoor

    Hey ^-^ First of all, thanks for taking your time to maybe help me out a bit & share your suggestions, I really appreciate it :d5: So I'm relatively new to growing in general and I'm going to take care of a few autos (Honey Peach Auto CBD & Jack Herer Auto) next season. The enviroment is a...
  14. AnotherNewbie

    New Grower Slow-releasing as only nutrient source

    Hey^^ My situation is as described here , basically I would like to keep my first balcony grow as simple as possible so I'm considering 25g's of RQS Easy Boost as the main nutrient source for each of my outdoor autos in 10l pots. I'll just use regular NPK growing earth not specific for this kind...
  15. xLightitupfour20x

    How does this look

    First time growing , about a month old (northern berry autoflower) I'm just wondering if it is on the right track ?
  16. S

    Harvest or no

    so like most I love to grow indoor and outdoor not to good with when to harvest this auto to first time growing autos got some Zkittlez auto going they are on day 89 I check trichomes with a scope and still can’t tell cause it’s still growing more fresh buds I’ve been waiting since day 65 to see...
  17. S

    Limited light

    hello all, I just recently came across this site and am impressed with the info and knowledge from threads. So this is my first season back at growing (been away for a few years) grabbed some Zkittlez auto from i49.com now I’ve noticed outta bout 6 autos I have going they are all different but...
  18. HavanaJazz

    Magical mystery grow (2x Brooklyn Sunrise A, 1x WW A, 1x Sweety A)

    Hello everybody, I am new to AFN and to growing overall. After few months of studying the subject I decided to give it a try and grow something sweet for myself by myself. 15 years ago, when I first played with the idea of growing MJ, there were autoflowers totally new kids on the block and...
  19. Sensi Jay

    Jay's UK Back Garden Outdoor 2019

    High all, and welcome to the 2019 edition of jays UK outdoor. This year running: 2 x DP white widow autos 1 x DP auto Brooklyn sunrise 2 x Real Gorilla Seeds DFG 2 x Real Gorilla Seeds Green Golds 2 x Real Gorilla Seeds Mighty Golds 1 x hermi seed from previous grows
  20. The^Dude

    Completed First grow, outdoor GCS Critical Purple Cold Weather

    Welcome! I need input! First the basics I suppose: Grower's Choice Seeds Critical Purple I'm trying to slightly follow Mr. Canuck's Grow autoflower recipe. I'm using mostly coco, perlite, and some FFOF. My dry amendments are Dr. Earth, 5-5-5 and Annual Bloom 3-7-4. I've added Mykos to the...