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  1. AnotherNewbie

    New Grower Need help choosing soil & fertilizer for outdoor

    Hey ^-^ First of all, thanks for taking your time to maybe help me out a bit & share your suggestions, I really appreciate it :d5: So I'm relatively new to growing in general and I'm going to take care of a few autos (Honey Peach Auto CBD & Jack Herer Auto) next season. The enviroment is a...
  2. AnotherNewbie

    New Grower Slow-releasing as only nutrient source

    Hey^^ My situation is as described here , basically I would like to keep my first balcony grow as simple as possible so I'm considering 25g's of RQS Easy Boost as the main nutrient source for each of my outdoor autos in 10l pots. I'll just use regular NPK growing earth not specific for this kind...
  3. xLightitupfour20x

    How does this look

    First time growing , about a month old (northern berry autoflower) I'm just wondering if it is on the right track ?
  4. S

    Harvest or no

    so like most I love to grow indoor and outdoor not to good with when to harvest this auto to first time growing autos got some Zkittlez auto going they are on day 89 I check trichomes with a scope and still can’t tell cause it’s still growing more fresh buds I’ve been waiting since day 65 to see...
  5. S

    Limited light

    hello all, I just recently came across this site and am impressed with the info and knowledge from threads. So this is my first season back at growing (been away for a few years) grabbed some Zkittlez auto from i49.com now I’ve noticed outta bout 6 autos I have going they are all different but...
  6. HavanaJazz

    Magical mystery grow (2x Brooklyn Sunrise A, 1x WW A, 1x Sweety A)

    Hello everybody, I am new to AFN and to growing overall. After few months of studying the subject I decided to give it a try and grow something sweet for myself by myself. 15 years ago, when I first played with the idea of growing MJ, there were autoflowers totally new kids on the block and...
  7. Sensi Jay

    Jay's UK Back Garden Outdoor 2019

    High all, and welcome to the 2019 edition of jays UK outdoor. This year running: 2 x DP white widow autos 1 x DP auto Brooklyn sunrise 2 x Real Gorilla Seeds DFG 2 x Real Gorilla Seeds Green Golds 2 x Real Gorilla Seeds Mighty Golds 1 x hermi seed from previous grows
  8. The^Dude

    First grow, outdoor GCS Critical Purple Cold Weather

    Welcome! I need input! First the basics I suppose: Grower's Choice Seeds Critical Purple I'm trying to slightly follow Mr. Canuck's Grow autoflower recipe. I'm using mostly coco, perlite, and some FFOF. My dry amendments are Dr. Earth, 5-5-5 and Annual Bloom 3-7-4. I've added Mykos to the...
  9. The^Dude

    You can grow this?!

    Hi everyone, Long time stoner first time grower. I'm just getting back into the sweet leaf after not having any for about 5 years, and I'm crazy excited to grow some myself. I wanted to do this in my 20's, but it was a lot more complicated then. Now I can just put it out in the garden! Times...
  10. Quentin3176

    Critical 2.0+ & blue kush sponsored outdoor UK grow.

    Here we have critical +2.0 & blue kush from dinafem growing outdoors in the east of England. Last year was a pretty good year for growing in the garden/greenhouse and I'm hoping this year will follow suit. Here's where we're at so far.... ^blue kush (top2) Critical (bottom 2) All on day...
  11. Alice420

    Indoor Grow How much Light do i need????

    Hello all you wonderful humans :) So i am today on week 4 of my auto-flower grow(Amnesia Lemon). It is only one plant at the moment but i have just planted a second autoflower. I have actually been taking her out in the day for some sunlight (i live in South Africa) and then when the sun goes...
  12. B

    2019 Outdoor greenhouse autos uk

    Heya guys, first couple of autos of 2019 Sweet skunk autos in biobizz soil, This ones just turned 4 weeks and the leaves have started to point down at the tips, is this to much nitrogen??
  13. Esoteric

    Outdoor Grow Soil (Newbie)

    Hey guys, new to the forum and growing. Getting ready to pop some Crop King White Widow autos for outdoor growth, but not sure what soil to start. I’m in Las Vegas, temps get about 100f during the summer. Thanks for any help, will be documenting my progress.
  14. dankstyle J

    Oregon Grown #5 Light deppin in a ruff rural hood!!

    Welcome back friends to another oregon grown .This year there is going to be more plants then ever .10 plants flower ten in veg an towards the end autos an photos going indoors to be finished off .All in all I will flower out 20 plants in my light dep greenie .I will be adding lights about 8...
  15. A

    BLACKBERRY AUTO by Fast Buds (OUTDOOR WINDOWSILL 1,6lt small pot)

    Hi there! I’ve just germinated a Blackberry Auto from Fast Buds and I’ve put it in a 1,6lt pot (yes i’ts small but I wantto be discrete about it) by my room window. I’m using the bio bizz try pack outdoors for supplements and bio bizz light mix for soil. If you guys have any tips and tricks to...
  16. IRE420

    Mephisto and Dutch Passion, Greenhouse 2019

    Hello everyone. :welcome: I'm new to the forum and I am super excited to start my 3rd outdoor grow with some super genentics from mephisto, I'm sure I'll be a mephhead afterwards:smoking: I will be growing one illuminauto Bubbasqaunch and either Critical Orange Punch or Glue Berry OG from...
  17. elunex

    Outdoor Grow Jack Herer Outdoor

    This is my first outdoor autoflower grow. She's a Jack Herer by Pachamama Seeds at week 4 of flowering, week 8 from seed. Jack Here Outdoor Week 4 by elunex posted Jan 12, 2019 at 11:32 AM Jack Herer Outdoor Close Up (week 4) by elunex posted Jan 12, 2019 at 11:31 AM Jack Herer Outdoor Close...
  18. M

    slow veg outdoor auto flower giga bud and med gom

    Hey, New to autoflowers and outdoor growing. I need some advice and desperate for some help. My girls are taking forever get some veg growth on them. I am doing a coco promix with GHE flora range following nebula haze feed scheme for autos, In 20l pot with 15l of coco. Its late spring my...
  19. puffy

    Semi-auto \ extremely sensitive strains for northern growers

    So, considering I did a bit of outdoors before and was quite active in the community surrounding these plants I would like to recommend a few strains to people that grow from 54n-60n. Here is a trick to make them flower even faster: when you plant them outside, plant them in containers you dig...
  20. E

    Outdoor Grow Sannies' Jack, Killing Fields + Jack Candy - Tropical Guerilla Grow

    Sannies' Jack, Killing Fields + Jack Candy - Tropical Guerilla Grow Just did a bean drop for the official Maria tropical guerilla grow in my new location. The "tester" run was here, but I haven't even checked on them since putting them out... Have been eyeing up Sannies' seeds for a long time...