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  1. The Mugwamp

    The Mugwamp Does - Seedstockers - Thin Mint Crack Auto

    Hi all and :welcome: I am quite a newb starting my 3rd grow and will be growing 1 Seedstockers Thin Mint Crack Auto for the Seedstockers G.O.T.Y 2nd leg battle :headbang: For the grow i shall be using: Lights 250w mh and 250w hps Dual Spectrum Ballast Ikon Hacienda 600w Digital Dimmable...
  2. Buck

    First Timer using MegaCrop

    I have been using MegaCrop for about a month now and I really like the product. I have been gradually feeding my plants more and more. I started around 1.5 grams a gallon and now am at 4 gr/gal. I use strait perlite as a medium using the hempy bucket style method. I have 2 different plant that...
  3. R

    Gorilla Glue Auto Grow - (seedsman) cupboard grow

    Hello everyone. First time auto grow Space 2x3x6 Using kingbo 1500w led running 20/4 4 11ltr fabric pots medium is canna pro soil with added perlite using advanced nutes micro,grow,bloom (1/4 recommendations) tap water, 7.8 ph from tap, leaving to stand in grow room for 24-48hours seeds gorilla...
  4. Madness

    hempy growers

    Hey everyone. Just kind of was wondering if there were any hempy growers here. I've been doing my 2l hempy grow for a little bit now and was wondering if anyone has done a 2l hempy grow or just a hempy grow In general. A lot of people here do autoflowers but I'm actually doing photos. My hempy...
  5. Druid

    100$ Grow - Royal Critical in an oversized Shoebox

    Hi, this time I'll be growing some Critical from Royal Queen Seeds. I got a bunch of those seeds so why not use of them as a little showcase item. The aim of this grow is to demonstrate that you need only 100$ to grow cannabis. So before anything else, here's a parts list: and some pictures...
  6. Cheesecakes

    No growth after germination in coco coir?

    Strain: Royal cookies RQS Media: Coco coir 65% Perlite 35% Nutrients: Advanced nutrients coco grow A+B Additives: Advanced nutrients B52, Voodoo juice Light: 600w super T MH , 200w Helios COB Timer: on 20-4 off Temp: day 25c, night 20c Humidity: 65% Ventilation: rhyno extractor + 2 fans for...
  7. Senseimillan

    Zeolite(s) and Their Usefulness to Gardeners

    I've been doing some research and thought I'd just organize and post the information for everyone in the event more people than I are interested in the mineral group known as zeolite. TABLE 1
  8. Natty

    ProMix LED vs HPS

    Hey guys, Long time lurker first time poster. I've learned pretty much everything I know about autos from this site so thanks to everyone who has contributed and helped me out. I'm am about to start up my second grow in a few weeks and my wife has agreed to let me use our spare bedroom instead...
  9. M

    Node Spacing

    Hello all. I'm on my first ever grow. Nirvana Blue Mystic femmed auto. 2 gallon hempy with 1 quart sump. For the present, a single 42 watt 6500K CFL with reflector. I'm at about day 22 from seed into peat pellet. It now has a pair of 5 finger leave taking form so third node starting. My...