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  1. DevilDog_0651

    When to thin plant

    Hey Everyone! I have a photoperiod going (I know this is mainly an auto forum), but am somewhat of a new grower. She is on week 9 of veg. There are about 16 tops or so. I have done super cropping multiple times in multiple places, and have done some LST. Trying to make the branches bigger...
  2. Lilly_of_the_Zoo Grows Exotic's Grease Monkey / Mr. Nasty / (group grow)

    Lilly_of_the_Zoo Grows Exotic's Grease Monkey / Mr. Nasty / (group grow)

    I ordered a pack of Grease Monkey, because I bought it at the dispensary once, when I first moved to MI (before my room was up and going full time) and Ijust loved the flavor, bud density, and, well - EVERYTHING about it. I've been wanting to order it ever since, its just that every time i went...
  3. Lilly_of_the_Zoo does Dinafem's Blueberry Cookies

    Lilly_of_the_Zoo does Dinafem's Blueberry Cookies

    These babies are part of my Festivus 2020 prize. Dinafem was absolutely amazing, and so I am giving their seeds prime space in my grow area, so we can see what they can do. I'm so excited about the blueberry genetics. Dinafem was the very first seed I ever grew/ordered, and I can't WAIT to see...
  4. MissUniverse

    Fast Flowering Green Crack Bonsai Mother and Clone Run

    Light: 1x Mars Hydro 300 new series (in 2x2x3 clone/mother tdnt) Grow Space: 24*24*36inch tent (clone/flowers) Container: 1gallon airpot(bonsai mother), whatever for clones Seeds: Fast Flowering Green Crack by HSO Nutrients: General Hydroponics Maxitwo step ( MaxiGro MaxiBloom) Xtreme gardening...
  5. Closetflowers


  6. Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    So My timer broke....

    I tried searching for a thread that was already made, because i dont like clogging things up with repeats, but i couldn't find anything. Either it's buried or i am nor searching right. I went in to get something from my flower room, and noticed that one of the tents had a cpl pinpricks of light...
  7. Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    Some Ayahuasca Purple Bud porn- Trichy-est EVER

    I was editing photos last night, and i came across these two, that are from the FIRST AYP that I took down (this is the one in the photos I submitted to Mars Hydro for the light contest) She was so pretty, but i didnt realize just how COVERED she was, until i came across this unedited photo (s)...
  8. Frostiest AYP ever

    Frostiest AYP ever

    get in close to that photo... don't you just want to shove your face in there and take a bite? me too.
  9. SUPER-FROST ayahuasca Purple

    SUPER-FROST ayahuasca Purple

    This is one of the frostiest photos ive ever taken. look how THICK those trichs are! The only plant ive grown that comes close to it is my Glue Breath. But this one is a bit darker. It's like it's been coated in powdered sugar, almost.
  10. Ayahuasca 2

    Ayahuasca 2

    Another green cola. one of the 2 in that tent was more green than the other. Not sure why, because they were the exact same cut. They grew next to each other their entire lives, but when they were in veg, they had different lights. I think the greener one had a generic LED. Maybe that was it
  11. Ayahuasca 1

    Ayahuasca 1

    one of the colas on the first SCROG of my AYP. Pretty, but this was one of the greener buds. Most of them were black-ish purple, and a sea spray green color. Very pretty plant
  12. Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    My Personal Cut - Glue Breath

    I am posting this to draw a little bit of attention to a cut that has never been seen. Shes a Motorbreath x Superglue cross (hence the name, Glue Breath. Though I think she looks more like a White Rose. But then you would have no idea where she came from) So far she is cut - only. I want to...
  13. The Mugwamp

    Mars Pro ll Epistar 160 Photo/Auto Grow By The Mugwamp

    Hi all and :welcome: This will be my 5th grow and first full grow from start to finish, using the Mars Hydro Pro ll Epistar 160 My last grow I only switched to the led, from my old 250w mh/hps set up, at around 2 weeks in. The light did her part well, but I let the side down, mainly by cutting...
  14. MissUniverse

    Sequoia Cherries by Dusted Bud Genetics (First Photoperiod Grow)

    I have grown one other photoperiod plant (a dinafem cheese) but never flowered her, she was a mother. I took many clones and did start flowering some clones and saw them sex then I tossed my whole set up and just ended up closing shop. I got these seeds I've even looking at for a long time...
  15. blue

    SSSC Lava Freeze (Bio-Tabs & Telos LED)

    Hello There!! :welcome: :welcome: :welcome: Here begins the journey from seed to harvest of these rare and exciting new feminized photoperiod seeds from Super Sativa Seed Club called LAVA FREEZE!! I've been lucky enough to be chosen by SSSC to do a little grow show, and will do my best for...
  16. Closetflowers

    The Church- Greenhouse Seeds

    Hello friends, Starting a new journal for my two The Church from Green House Seed Co. they are currently 2 of 8 plants in my 5x5x6.5 tent. Other 6 are all autos and this is my first photoperiod grow. Temps 70-75 RH 45-65 Lights 18/6 Started at 36 inches Two x1000 w led (lonwon) Solo cup/3...
  17. Sensi Jay

    Jay's UK Back Garden Outdoor 2019

    High all, and welcome to the 2019 edition of jays UK outdoor. This year running: 2 x DP white widow autos 1 x DP auto Brooklyn sunrise 2 x Real Gorilla Seeds DFG 2 x Real Gorilla Seeds Green Golds 2 x Real Gorilla Seeds Mighty Golds 1 x hermi seed from previous grows
  18. Buck

    First Timer using MegaCrop

    I have been using MegaCrop for about a month now and I really like the product. I have been gradually feeding my plants more and more. I started around 1.5 grams a gallon and now am at 4 gr/gal. I use strait perlite as a medium using the hempy bucket style method. I have 2 different plant that...
  19. S

    Help me fix this sick girl!

    Hola, dear autoflower'ers! I have been reading this forum since it appeared, lots of you have inderectly helped me get through many plant problems and i have gained good results from my autoflowers. Thank you for that! But this time i got something i can't put my finger on. I will try to...
  20. Son of Hobbes

    Welcome Oregon Elite Seeds!

    Hey everyone we want to announce and welcome the arrival of Oregon Elite Seeds, a USA-based seed bank that we've had the privilege of meeting person a few times at some cannabis expos this last year and had heard pretty positive feedback about from growers that have mentioned them in the past...