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  1. Trichome farmer

    Indoor Grow PHOTOS/CLONES/AUTOS 2019

    hello all this will be my main thread for 2019 so what have we ahead of us alot of different strains and breeders dutch passion .seedstockers. mephisto.ripper seeds. and super sativa seed club just to name a few there will e a couple more il add as i pick them up later in the year not to mention...
  2. UndisturbedOrganix

    UndisturbedOrganix (New to this Forum)

    Not sure if this is the right spot but I'll keep everyone updated on my new run of photoperiod (regs) from In a house Genetics germination started of 3 Platinum Candy X Platinum Kush Mints on 11/8/18
  3. Ripper

    Photoperiod Grow Ripper’s photo tent

    well just dropped 9 seeds. These girls will be run at 12/12 from start to finish. I am not trying to grow any monsters just to fill up some jars and hopefully get some strains that help with pain. These girls are all in 1.5 gallon pots. They will be fed mega crop and some cal mag. The line...
  4. Bixit42

    Photoperiod Grow Bixit learns to grow. Indoor QB LED.

    Welcome to my learning experience :baked: Decided to make a new thread for my photo Blueberry OG, and any upcoming grows. As i'm currently on my 3rd ever grow, i feel it's time to move in with the big boys :crying: I originally popped this bean with 3 others and thought all of them were Autos...
  5. Haze4dayz

    Haze's eurogrow bubble gum and caramel. + free seed Dinafem auto mystery (completed)

    Hi guys! So I have a couple of things I'm working on now. Just coming to the end of my first auto/photo run. For those that didn't follow along, I obtained a 4x4 tent with 600w HPS from a friend and all kit needed to run it. I used it to finish off a photoperiod plant but I believe the stress...
  6. Koi

    Photoperiods and Compost

    Hey guys, first time photoperiod grower, I wanted to find some answers real quick before I attempt such a thing. Few bases I want to cover, so bear with me haha. Item 1; growing with homemade compost: I understand the gyst of not loading a seed into hot soil, and I need to layer the soil in a...
  7. Plantbased

    I need a plant doctor! (Revised with picture)

    Hello world and those who inhabit it. I have a situation: Organically grown Plants dying/on verge of death after going completely dry over night. They are my first grow experience survivors :baby: SETUP: *Lemon Bud plants (feminized/photoperiod) by Green label Seeds *grow tent *600w LED with...
  8. HappyTrees

    HappyTrees Organics

    Hello all welcome to my grow!! I have a tangie auto ( blimburn seeds) in ffof in a 10gal fabric sprouted 04/03, a high priority auto (710 genetics) in buildasoil v3 in a 10gal sprouted 04/14, a narkosis (blimburn seeds) sprouted 04/21 in a 7gal with ffhf, a unknown bag seed in a 1/2gal with...
  9. HappyTrees


    Narkosis 04/21 Unknown 04/01 Monster Cookies 03/27 Tangie 04/03 High priority 04/14 Hello everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself. I am currently on my first indoor grow(2nd complete grow). I have a tangie auto (blimburn seeds) in ffof in a 10gal fabric sprouted 04/03, a high...
  10. sniper

    indoor photoperiod grow battle 2018

    if you are Interested in competing..let me know... Rules 1 Entry plant must be started by March 15 2018 ends july 21 2018 2 Entry plant have a maximum of 8 weeks of vegetative growth, before they must be flipped into flower(can flip with less veg time if needed). 3 Pics of entry plants must be...
  11. TheMongol


    What's up guys and gals!:smokeout: So, this thread is a Showcase of SUPERFOOD: FLORGANICS!! a personal friend of me, whos a professional gardener and spend the last 5 years to create it! It's a water only and ph-selfadjusting system! The package: And maybe the most important thing: It's...
  12. Mañ'O'Green

    Zambeza Zambeza Blue Brilliant Photoperiod Grow

    Here we grow again. Zambeza Blue Brilliant Photoperiod seeds, House & Garden nutrients in a GroDan rockwool Hugo block grow with precision drip irrigation. I have 14 DIY Citizen 1212 3500K 90 cri cobs and two Roleadro LED fixtures for a total of ~ 930 watts in a 4' x 6' x 8' space. I use an...
  13. Yozhik

    Yozhik grows Greenhouse Seeds The Church CBD

    Not the grow I intended to morph into, but ... needs must. So here's the tentative plan. 12 plants in Autopots. Only 10 x The Church CBD have been germinated so far; primarily due to doing 12 was a very recent decision. Coco will be the medium Nutrifield are the nutrients of choice...
  14. pop22

    Ducksfoot Project, Round Three!

    I've had a ducksfoot just vegging for 6-8 month now... she's been in the way as I've not had the chance to breed her. I decided to take 20 clones in hope of 3-4 good plants...... duck's bitch to clone! I average 30% with them... I took a couple branches and chopped them down into clones. Being...
  15. icmoon

    To flush or not to flush and if so....When?

    Hi all. I'm nearing the end of my first ever grow it's been a steep but enjoyable learning curve for me. I'm trying to guess what the plant will be like in two weeks time (after flushing) This is super skunk photo plants. (believe me it's auto's from now on!) I'm trying to figure out when to...
  16. IraqJack


    So it has been some time since I've posted ANYTHING, and I even was that asshole who left a grow journal incomplete.... meh. My apologies, and anyone who follows this thread, don't worry, I won't leave you hanging. I will go into detail on er' thang. I have spruced up my grow space, and am in a...
  17. neurotree

    Neuro's Black Afghani Kush and Crop Doctor mainlined

    Hey Fam, I've been slowly mainlining these bushes as my autos did their thing. Now that the tent is clear for the most part and trellis up, time to flip em over to flowering. These girls were started from seed on 4/20 with the exceptions of the two shorties which are clones from the best of...
  18. Prof Green

    Prof Green's Mixed Marijuana .... (Photo and Auto)

    Hello All, Ive been growing weed for 5 to 6 years, im now re-starting after a 2-year break, some things ive remembered, others not so much :haha: This isn't a start to finish one run diary, it's going to be a rolling diary from now until .... well lets just say Ive no plans to retire any time...
  19. Dr. Babnik

    Occational pics of photoperiode plants

    Granddady Purple Bay Lotus This is one of my best smokes.
  20. Dr. Babnik

    Doc goes nuclear outdoors - Atomic

    I intended my @BombSeeds Atomic as a mother plant, but she has become a too big girl for that. My first photo seed was this Atomic and as a complete noob with photos, I grew her too big. Now I have found a summer camp for her outdoors and taken cuttings for a new mother plant. I still...