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Cannabis Seeds
  1. Damien50

    Photoperiod Grow The Limited Editions: Ace Seeds

    Fuuuuuckkkkk everything else is my first feeling but realistically I have Jack Herer clones awaiting and some auto diesel going. So for anyone curious; this is my dedicated grow journal to Ace and their limited edition catalogue. it is my hope and intent with this diary to encounter some unique...
  2. Mossy

    La Buena Hierba Team HQ.

    This Battle will be fought in the Perpetual Battle thread...:amazon: Poll End to be arranged. Usual Battle Rules Apply.
  3. IraqJack

    Transplanting Question

    This has probably already been explained somewhere in a thread here.... alas I could not find it. I usually use pots between 2-5 gallons in size. This grow I plan on using a 10 gallon and 20 gallon for a photoperiod grow that I have started. My question is when using larger pot sizes, should I...
  4. pop22

    Hammer of The Gods and Trainwreck

    Today I started 4 photo period seeds, 2 of Seedsman's Trainwreck and 2 Hammer of the Gods from Northwest Exclusive. I'll be growing in autopots under my new Quantum Board light. Debating soil or coco still. I may start with organic soil, then switch to GrowMore Seagrow nutrient. The auto pots...
  5. pop22

    Indica Dominant Photo Period Projects

    I've been working with autoflower/photoperiod crosses for a while. I've now decided to work with just photo period breeding projects for a while, then maybe make auto crosses from them, make everything truly my own crosses. I have a preference for Indicas and Indica dominant crosses, Any cross...
  6. pop22

    Zambesa Lemon Kush and Northern Lights Photo Periods

    Zambesa photo periods planted today. Three out of 4 seeds had radicles, the fourth looked ready to split open. After they sprout, they will grow in this tent.
  7. pop22

    New Ducksfoot from Seed!

    WOOOOOOOOOO! The seeds I bought were good! I have three new ducklings sprouted from 6 planted. I expect a couple more will pop soon! Now I just need a male. I'm Excited! With a male, I can revive the Ducksfoot I have now, that survive only from clone. the local strain is I recently found...
  8. Anglo Automatics

    My outdoor work

    Early May... Left: Dinafem OG Kush Centre: Dinafem Dinachem Right: Dinafem Cheese Dinafem OG Kush (2 weeks flower) Dinafem Cheese (2 weeks of flower) Dinafem Cheese (2 weeks of flower) Dinafem Cheese (3 weeks) Red Purps & Iced Grapefruit Red Purps & Iced Grapefruit Red...
  9. pop22

    Black Domina

    As part of a auto-photo breeding project, I'm growing a few Black Domiona, one of which will be pollinated by a Black Dragon male. I'm calling that cross Black Hammer and have a thread in the auto section on it. The rest of the Black Domina will be documented here. Black Domina is an Indica...
  10. Dr. Babnik

    Dr. Babniks Botanical Garden - My AFN News Journal

    Hello and welcome, my friends and AFN family! I decided to keep everything in one thead. It takes too much time both for me to update one thread for each strain and for those interested followers to look up 3-4 threads. The individual grow logs in progress will continue here, with reference to...
  11. carl brutananadilewski

    general hydroponics additives?

    Anyone have any gh additives you recomend?