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  1. D

    Plant Magic Organic bloom schedule?

    So I'm I have a NL auto in plant Magic soil, 3weeks looking good. I'm going to use Pm old timers organic bloom.. Pm schedule is suggesting 3-4 ml/l during the bloom cycle, I understand I should start off at 1/4 of that and work up to half.. So start at say 1ml/l and work up to 2ml/l, does that...
  2. Autogrowzs

    AutoGrowZs MEPHISTO Attack

    Hi all back after a break due to a serious family loss for thought I would jump back here as I know I will speak to good people and start doing what I love........( not the most experienced but read enough on this site to accomplish) so here it goes bit of a messy intro but I have...
  3. Frogster

    The Return of Zamnisia Auto Caramel - A Frogster Grow

    It's been a while since I posted a journal - but I have still been growing (and smoking the results) :baked: So I thought it time to throw/post a grow journal in here (AFN) again... For this grow I return to one of the nicest plants I have grown before, the delicious "Zamnesia's Auto Caramel"...
  4. Element115

    RQS Royal Dwarf Auto

    Veg light: 130w Super cool CFL Flower light: 125w Red CFL Soil: Plant Magic plus Grow space: a walk in cupboard Nutes: Plant magic old timer organic Veg and Bloom. I'm abit late with posting as she's currently 26days old. I bought 6 royal dwarf seeds and have previously grown in a converted...
  5. Autogrowzs

    Purple Tombstone + More

    So got some purple tombstone seeds (regs) :) Setup is a 3ft x3ft tent with all the goodies for extraction and circulation Lighting : viparspectra v600, viparspectra v300, Soil : plant magic Nutes: biobizz bio-grow - bloom - root juice - plant magic pk 3-4 Will be running them on 20/4 from...
  6. goose chase

    Any help on Soil Mixing

    Hi everyone, I have been trying to grow with limited success and I'm looking at mixing up these ingredients for a soil mix to try again. Here's the ingredients the quantities given are just the amount I plan to buy/already have: PLANT MAGIC SOIL SUPREME 50L WORM CASTINGS 20L PERLITE (I have...
  7. White Warg

    Soil, Plant Magic nutes, PlantPhotonics LEDs, Dr Krippling Grand Heft Auto

    Mars Hydro tent 120 x 120 x 200cm PlantPhotonics DS-90 LED panel Air-Pot, 6 litres Plant Magic Medium (Soil Supreme) plus nutrients (Oldtimer Grow, Oldtimer Bloom, Magne-Cal, Root Stimulant, Evolution, Bio-Silicon, Bio-Wetter, Platinum). Dr Krippling Seeds, GRAND HEFT AUTO AK47 x Northern...