platinum p300

  1. Dudeski

    Platinum p300 test grow

    I have been lucky enough to get a P300 for the tent and I'm beyond happy! Hung it last night over an existing grow at 40 and 38 days.
  2. abominableSCOTT

    p300 new grower and new setup

    Hi Growers, I am new to growing and new to the forum. My Dad and I have been interested in growing since it became legal in our State years ago. We finally got our hands on some seeds last summer and tried growing a few plants in his home greenhouse. We had mixed results so we decided to get...
  3. FullDuplex

    FullDuplex braves White Widow

    Hello boys and girls. I figured since i was going to run some more DinaFem gear again that i would do a proper journal here in their home forum. I will also use this as a product review of the strain. There is no incentive for this grow and review other than the smoke at the end of the run...