1. abominableSCOTT

    p300 new grower and new setup

    Hi Growers, I am new to growing and new to the forum. My Dad and I have been interested in growing since it became legal in our State years ago. We finally got our hands on some seeds last summer and tried growing a few plants in his home greenhouse. We had mixed results so we decided to get...
  2. NLxHaze

    Skystomper and Sour Stomper grow journal

    :welcome:Hello and welcome to my second grow journal. I'm still in the process of documenting the first one, so I'll be updating both of them from time to time. This time around we will be growing Sour Stomper and Skystomper from Mephisto genetics:pighug: Day one for each of them was on 6/28...
  3. Ribbzzy

    Ribbz bends some Fastbuds/Passion/Mephisto

    Ill document my next grow here. 1st up is West Coast OG from Fast Buds, it's part of the Fast buds competition. It'll be documented here as well as on the other thread. Next Is Dutch Passion Blackberry Kush Auto, one of my favourite smokes. And last but not least, Mephisto Chemdogging, and Sour...
  4. HemiSync

    HemiSync's Autopots w/Fast Buds G14 & Grapefruit Autos

    Okay folks, just finished harvesting my last grow of Fast Buds LSD-25s and was going to go with Sweet Seeds Dark Devils next, but then the our forum threw a wrench in my plans by having the The First Fastbuds Sponsored Grower of the Year Grow Battle 2017. So, instead of the Dark Devils, I will...
  5. Weirdbeard

    WeirdBeard grows Cheese NL and some Mother [email protected]&$ing GSC

    Trying a few new things this round. I have started a 25lb bag of Black Gold soil in a 55 gal trash can mixed with Xtream gardening Mykos and Azos, along with sweet lime. I have been letting it all merry there for about three weeks. I also had to move my tent into a new area so monitoring the...
  6. HemiSync

    HemiSync's Autopot grow w/Fast Buds LSD-25 using coco/perlite & LED

    Hi all, You folks sold me on these autopots and they have arrived today. I will try my best to not screw it up and show all the things you should do with autopots. lol Grow Area: 4'x4'x5.5' Unbranded Grow Tent (right now just using 3 x 3 of it) 6" ventech Inline Fan and Carbon Filter Hydrofarm...