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  1. Mossy

    LED Grower of the Year 2018 Battle

    #LEDGrowerof2018 This is a 1 round Grower of the Year 2018 Battle. Run time 1st September to Finish/vote 8th December 2018. Entrants must have a LED panel..and any Auto seed. This will be a full 3 leg Battle 2019 :warrior: LED Grow Members 1) St. Tom wk2wk3wk4wk5wk6wk7wk8wk9Harvest 2)...
  2. F.N.

    GGG4 GROW of Splendidness

    I have quite a few GGG4 growing and Iam starting seeds 5 they are germinating. I have two ready right now and two with about two weeks to go. here is the two that are done. they were a stout in size but thick and fat buds that smelt OUTSTANDING.
  3. F.N.

    Platinum 300 tester

    I just got one of these badboys. I will be starting some seedlings under it then put a Moby dick by dinafem right under this extra bright led. She is a powerful 300 watt light with a stellar rep. Unboxing and hanging will be tomorrow.