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  1. F.N.


    I'm growing Five of these babies. They are the newest strain from Seedstockers. Purple punch I love the name.
  2. F.N.

    Sticky Fingers strain

    I have Two really nice looking STICKY FINGERS both seem to be the same phenotype. They are growing under Quantum boards I think they are around 135 to 150 watts a piece.
  3. F.N.


    I have been given the honour of testing a new light for Platinum.It is a COB growlight. I will be receiving this baby very soon. This is the first picture released. I can hardly wait. I have zero specs just a picture.
  4. F.N.

    My next grow of 22 AUTOS

    I have and assortment of plants going I will have 22 going at different stages of life. The seedstockers BCN XXL and MEPHISTO GGG4 are just sprouting 2 bcn and 2 ggg4. I have mephisto BLK and seed stockers all going in one tent. My next post I will have all the strains I am running. I will be...
  5. S

    P300 When to flip on Flowering switch?

    I have a few ladies showing a few pistils I'm just wondering when I should flip on the flowering switch?
  6. Heisennugs

    Fast Buds Six Shooter - First Time Grow - Day 45

    First time grower here, starting with Six Shooter from Fast Buds. Already on day 45. Never posted on any forums before I came here to AFN. Think what I got going is turning out great so far, far better than I expected anyways. So I am really excited to see what you guys think of it. I want to...