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  1. Big Sul


    Seeds: MEPHISTO Super Orange Haze Double Grape CDLC Ripley’s Strawberry Nuggets Toof Decay 5/6 have germinated. Toof Decay doesn’t seem to want to join the party. I haven’t given up, but I have dropped another one just in case. Medium: Organic Soil (@pop22 recipe) Light: HLG600R
  2. pop22

    Pop22's Vape AdventuresI guess this is a combination

    I guess this is a combination rant, commentary and mini review. I/we are avid vaping enthusiasts. We still smoke but not often maybe a couple times a week. We just enough vaping more. We on mostly use dry herb vapes, I have a pen that can do hash. We don't use vape juice, we feel it's too much...
  3. pop22

    Multi Strain Auto Grow by Pop22

    I have seeds, lots of seeds, lots and lots of seeds! LOL! So I've decided to do several multi strains grows just for fun! No rhyme or reason to selection, just whatever strikes my fancy. First up: 1 Sweet Seeds Dark Devil 6 Night Owl Seeds Wizard's Apprentice x Crockett's Tangie 2 Magic's...
  4. pop22

    DinaMed CBD Quick - Pop22

    A thank you to @Dinafem-Mark who was looking for some growers to showcase this strain. Ohh Yes! I grew a Dinafem CDB Kush a few months ago and loved it! Nice yield, excellent bud! Made great coconut oil! So I decided it was time to try some. This is a photo period crossed with an autoflower...
  5. pop22

    White Widow XXL - Pop22

    White Widow, my first ever strain to grow indoors and it was an awesome first grow! That was over 5 years ago and haven't grown any WW since. I've been craving some for a while and when Dinafem Mark offered free seeds, I jumped on it! I've got several grows stating at once so I only started 2...
  6. pop22

    Trainwreck! Pop22's favorite Sativa!

    I really love Trainwreck. It one of only three or four sativa dominant strains that I like and can tolerate. This is the only Sativa besides ducksfoot that I've grown more than once. I grew Sweet Seeds auto Trainwreck 3 times and this is y second grow of Humboldt Trainwreck photo period ( HINT...
  7. pop22

    Dragons and Trainwreck and Ghost... O G! locked down and bored!

    Decided it was time to do just a fun grow. in fact, it's been a while since I've posted a non-contest grow. Trying to keep busy so I got some QBs out of storage ( yah I'm a QB hoarder.....lol ) and built a new light for one of my cabinets. I put 2, QB 288 v2 on a slate double and made a very...
  8. pop22

    Indoor Grow very old seed: Russian Dragon, Can I save them?

    I was gifted various Dragon seed several years ago. That's where my Dragon's Blood, Durrty Dragon, black Dragon and White GEM came from, and to my benefactor, another THANK YOU! So I have 6 seeds of Russian dragon. I'm hoping for a male and a female to breed, anything beyond that is more than...
  9. Jdb66

    New Grower Did I not do this right...have no replys for helpWW autoflower day 74 leaf issue in autopot

    Problem: brown spots + Medium/grow method: Coco coir 70/30, autopot smart pot xl (fabric) Feed: and supplements used: GH trio MGB as of flush on 9-17 2 ml camg / 2 ml micro/ 0 gro/ 4 ml bloom / 2 ml liquid kool bloom ph 6.0 ec 934 water source: RO Strain/age: White Widow auto/ 74 days light...
  10. pop22

    Blue Dragons

    I'm heading out this winter to warmer climate I just can't take the cold here anymore. Last winter I rarely left the house, I dreaded having to go grocery shopping or anything. So I'm packing in one last grow before we leave the end of November. I'm growing my Blue Dragon. I started out...
  11. pop22

    MassTerpenes Making vape oil from bubble hash using Mass Terpene products

    I love hash! But its been many, many, years since I've had anything but scissor hash. I also really enjoy the samples I've had of liquid concentrate vape. I've dabbled with making my own with so so results. I have used terpene dilutants before but DAMN the taste was too strong and harsh! and...
  12. pop22

    Extreme ( for me.. ) Plant Training - A Mainlining Grow

    It was time for me to try something new. I'm not much for plant training, I perfer my plants nuatural, though I have begun to do moderate defoliation. SCROG is the most advanced technique I've used and I've only done that a couple times. So I decided it was time to go extreme, and Mainlining is...
  13. pop22

    T5 to LED Conversion Easy Project!

    @Waira @Son of Hobbes @BigSm0 I have a T5 growlight in my livingroom for my house pkants and veggie seedlings. I milked 3 years out of the original bulb but it was time to replace it. I looked into the direct replacement LED tubes but their efficiency didn't impress me. I decided LED strips...
  14. pop22

    $1.50 Seed Grow! Are cheap seeds worthwhile?

    I've long been looking at www.linda-seeds.com as they have some excellent pricing, not only on their own, inexpensive bulk seeds, but also often great prices on popular seedbank strains. I wanted to try some of their own brand cheap seeds, which go for $1.50 to $3.00 each. I got 10 auto...
  15. pop22

    Sources of Grain Alcohol, post your link here!

    Its not easy for many of use to get grain alcohol, mainly because people are stupid enough to drink it straight........... and it is explosive. Many states have banned Everclear for that reason. There are other sources though and I've found a good one, prices are reasonable as I can buy 5...
  16. pop22

    Wierd growth, never seen this one

    Well I hope someone has seen this, I'm baffled! Problem: buds that look like brussel sprouts...... and/or huge calyxes Medium/grow method: organic soil, only amendment this year horse manure-well composted Feed: and supplements used: none water source: well water Strain/age: Blue...
  17. pop22

    Pulse Labs Question on Light Levels

    What is your criteria for light levels? its seems to me to be set a bit low. When mine say 95%, 95% of what base figure? According to so called conventional wisdom, my light levels are about 50-60% of whats recommended for a tent with no CO2. My PF is about 620
  18. pop22

    Pop22's 2018 Greenhouse Grow!

    Alright!!! Getting an earlier start this year! Last year, I pulled almost a kilo from a little 6'x8'x8' greenhouse. This year, I'm back to a 10'x10'x8' greenhouse, out to get sa nice haul from that! All plants in the raised beds this year will be autos, may have a few photos hanging around...
  19. pop22

    DabPress Pop22 Tests The Dabpress dp-rp37

    Not an item I'd really considered until the opportunity to test the Dabpress Rosin Plates was offered to me. I was intrigued and said sure! I received these over a month ago. The packing material was brown paper. Items survived shipping with no damage! United Parcel Smashers are slipping...
  20. Delta9Heavy

    First ever Hempy ssogxhbss

    so I wanted to post this in the hydro section, but since the revamp, I cannot find it. I've got a few gardens under my belt with soil, decided to try something new. Also low on funds and resources atm-so the huge bag of chunky perlite I have was calling my name lmao. Here's the skinny: Strain is...