1. The^Dude

    First grow, outdoor GCS Critical Purple Cold Weather

    Welcome! I need input! First the basics I suppose: Grower's Choice Seeds Critical Purple I'm trying to slightly follow Mr. Canuck's Grow autoflower recipe. I'm using mostly coco, perlite, and some FFOF. My dry amendments are Dr. Earth, 5-5-5 and Annual Bloom 3-7-4. I've added Mykos to the...
  2. Element115

    When do you switch to a flowering light?

    I know it may sound like a dumb question but when do you normally switch lighting? I've always assumed it was when the pistels are showing but it seems like I could have vegged a week longer. I'm using a blue CFL then switching to red when the pistels show.
  3. H

    Is my plant a hermie?

    Here's my pic: Details of my grow: Strain: Vision Seeds 'Northern Lights Auto' Lighting: Mars Hydro 300W LED (distance of around 50cm/20inches) + 3 x 24W 2400k CFL's (distance of around...