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  • Is sex pre-determined in regular (non-feminized) cannabis seeds? Give us your opinions and thoughts on the subject!

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  1. Son of Hobbes

    Black Sail Black Sail - Welcome & Contact Information

    Black Sail! Hey everyone we'd like to introduce the company Black Sail and their flagship product, the CANNON! Keith with Black Sail has generously offered up a test light to one of our product testers on the site and he's going to give it a spin to see how it stacks up! We'll have more...
  2. Son of Hobbes

    BioRadiance Grow Science - Welcome & Contact Information

    BioRadiance Grow Science The Autoflower Network is pleased to announce the company BioRadiance Grow Science (formerly Pathogen Death Wand,) is joining the forum to show off their unique LED technology that is said to help prevent mold, mildew, and other pathogens and to help remediate those...
  3. Son of Hobbes

    Smokin' Screws Smokin' Screws - Welcome & Contact Information

    Smokin' Screws Good morning AFN! We'd like to welcome Smokin' Screws to the forum and to introduce an interesting smoking accessory they provide! It's a screen replacement for your pipes & bongs! Information: Name of Company: Smokin' Screws Type of Product/Service Provided...
  4. scally420

    Skyline Led

    Brand of LED:Skyline Led(400w+200w) Price of the led :Can't find them on the site at the minute Delivery cost:??? (Gifted for test) What size was the grow space :4x4x7 Spectrum used: Multi spectrum white CREE XTE series LEDs Customer service rating..1-5:5 Wattage of the LED ( actual power...
  5. Son of Hobbes

    Boveda - Welcome & Contact Information

    Boveda The Autoflower Network would like to welcome Boveda to the forum! Boveda makes a quite popular desiccant pack that some of you may be familiar with one of our recent cVault tests on the forum; they've agreed to come on the forum and talk about their products and hopefully we'll see...
  6. pop22

    Pop22 Tests The Dabpress dp-rp37

    Not an item I'd really considered until the opportunity to test the Dabpress Rosin Plates was offered to me. I was intrigued and said sure! I received these over a month ago. The packing material was brown paper. Items survived shipping with no damage! United Parcel Smashers are slipping...
  7. scally420

    Scally grows stuff courtesy of LED Hydroponics LTD.

    First off I'd like to thank LED Hydroponics LTD and AFN for the opportunity to try out this gear!.....I have been sent the Unit Farm 4x4x7 grow tent and will be getting the Skyline 400w LED,the tent is made with high quailty materials and was easy to put together it only took 10-15mins,I'll put...
  8. Son of Hobbes

    AFN Welcomes Pulse Labs!

    Hey guys we'd like to extend a very warm welcome to the folks over at Pulse Labs for coming on with us to show some performance testing done with their Pulse Nano, a 'smart grow room monitor' that logs temperature, humidity, VPD, and light and provides historical data on those numbers. That can...