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  • Hey everyone, I'm doing some testing on some things and will have the Live IM chat add-on disabled for the time being. Appreciate your consideration and apologies for any inconvenience! - Hobbes (7 pm MDT 2/13/2020)
  1. Frogster

    A suggestion

    @okPeet First, let me say I like your product a lot. It is helping me dial in my grow room to the degree I want.... But as you have asked for feedback / suggestions, from users (on the AFN forum)... Here is one. I wonder if it is possible to have two leaf temp offsets (one for day and one for...
  2. Frogster

    The Return of Zamnisia Auto Caramel - A Frogster Grow

    It's been a while since I posted a journal - but I have still been growing (and smoking the results) :baked: So I thought it time to throw/post a grow journal in here (AFN) again... For this grow I return to one of the nicest plants I have grown before, the delicious "Zamnesia's Auto Caramel"...
  3. pop22

    Question on Light Levels

    What is your criteria for light levels? its seems to me to be set a bit low. When mine say 95%, 95% of what base figure? According to so called conventional wisdom, my light levels are about 50-60% of whats recommended for a tent with no CO2. My PF is about 620
  4. Slowmo

    Questions about the Inner Working of a device !

    @okPeet This seems like a goodsend :thumbsup: But As someone just on the sideline observing .... these are my first questions... Where does the device store data ? ie size of buffer before download to anywhere Does it work without internet ... and if not why ? :pass: P.s. Imagine being...
  5. wwwillie

    Pulse Labs Tester Group

    Hey Now! Here we are, the test crew for the Pulse Labs equipment, AKA the Pulse Nano and the Pulse App. Meet the test crew: @wwwillie @pop22 @nizmoKush @db003 @Clix Stay tuned, going to be some interesting things happening as we test out this nifty and wonderful tool for our gardens
  6. Son of Hobbes

    AFN Welcomes Pulse Labs!

    Hey guys we'd like to extend a very warm welcome to the folks over at Pulse Labs for coming on with us to show some performance testing done with their Pulse Nano, a 'smart grow room monitor' that logs temperature, humidity, VPD, and light and provides historical data on those numbers. That can...