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purple dodgers

  1. baked in the bluegrass

    Purple Dodgers down for the count

    Heya peeps! Just finished a grow of 2 Purple Dodgers from RBI. they took 77 days from pop to chop. they were both grown in coast of Maine supersoil topped with coco Loco for a mostly water only grow. there were a couple of small issues thru the grow but nothing that derailed us. luvly big chunky...
  2. January Drop RBI Purple Dodgers

    Completed January Drop RBI Purple Dodgers

    Fresh new staggered grow started on January 19th with 2x Purple Dodgers from Rocbud Inc. They are being grown in 5gal pots with coco loco and coast of Maine stonington blend supersoil. they are in a 4x4x6 tent and are being lit up by a couple of 65w cobs. it has been a mostly “water only” grow...
  3. GreenMersh

    RocBud/Mephisto 5x5 grow.

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to get my journal started for this next grow. The plan is to veg out 2 photoperiods while my 4 autoflowers run their cycle on a 18/6 light schedule. Once they are harvested or pretty much done gonna throw the photoperiods into flower on 12/12. The reason for the...