1. Ayahuasca Purple-3242.jpg

    Ayahuasca Purple-3242.jpg

    even the side buds are purpling, and SOLID.
  2. Ayahuasca Purple-3247.jpg

    Ayahuasca Purple-3247.jpg

    This is the main cola. the colors are ABSOLUTELY there. all I did was edit the exposure, and a touch to the light/shadow play. This plant absolutely glowed in the flash of the camera. One of the stickiest plants I've ever encountered. This one is a photo, but she is so pretty I just had to show her
  3. The^Dude

    First grow, outdoor GCS Critical Purple Cold Weather

    Welcome! I need input! First the basics I suppose: Grower's Choice Seeds Critical Purple I'm trying to slightly follow Mr. Canuck's Grow autoflower recipe. I'm using mostly coco, perlite, and some FFOF. My dry amendments are Dr. Earth, 5-5-5 and Annual Bloom 3-7-4. I've added Mykos to the...
  4. Ted Dibiasse

    Indoor Grow Morning Star Seed Co. Auto Purple Microdot

    Auto Purple Microdot was a breeze to grow. Did it autoflower? Yes week 4 Smell and taste? Skunk and citrus Height? 105cm Yield? 70g Age at harvest? 75 days High Energetic sativa buzz In conclusion, APMD got big fast and is potent! She will be grown again very soon!
  5. KrazyDave

    Cream Mandarine XL, Biotabs & Coco with COBs

    How' it going seed poppers o/ I want to start this diary with a massive thank you to @Hippy_BiotabsF70 and @Biotabs F69 for allowing me to test out their starter kit, so thank you very much guys. I hope I do you proud! Grow Specs: 1x1x2m Secret Jardin DR100 - I managed to get this second hand...
  6. A

    Newbie With Purple Auto.

    Hi fellas, First attempt at Feminised Purple Bud auto from White Label. Up until late on during vegging everything was going well, nice green leaves, big fans etc. Started showing pre-flowers, and now I have buds. I believe I have Nitrogen Toxicity, as most of my leaves are clawed, some are...
  7. Autogrowzs

    Purple Tombstone + More

    So got some purple tombstone seeds (regs) :) Setup is a 3ft x3ft tent with all the goodies for extraction and circulation Lighting : viparspectra v600, viparspectra v300, Soil : plant magic Nutes: biobizz bio-grow - bloom - root juice - plant magic pk 3-4 Will be running them on 20/4 from...
  8. XxxAuto

    What happens ??

    Hello doctors What happens to my lady here ? Also starting purple steam
  9. Nero

    1st GROW, Led, Soilless, "Organic", Smart Pots, 8 Strains

    Join me in this adventure!!!
  10. goodgrace87

    Organic NoTill 15 Gallon Pot

    Lights:300 W led Tent: 24X24X36 tent( very small) I am using a 2.1 sq cube fabric pot with 50% peat moss 30% compost 15% Perlite 15$ EWC (worm casting) I amended my soils with alfalfa meal crab shell feather meal blood meal bone meal kelp Dr Earth Seed starter Formula Molasses All material...
  11. Johnnybudseed

    Is anyone familiar with FloraNova Bloom?

    Hey guys, I just purchased FloraNova Bloom and was wondering if i should switch from FF. Your guys opinions would be great and also feeding schedules and PH would be lovely. Thanks guys!
  12. Hal 8999

    Purple Paralysis anyone?

    Has anyone ever grown Cream of the Crop's, purple paralysis before? It is my first time with the strain. I also only planted one seed of it, so no comparison. This thing has grown like....a weed. It is about four feet tall, and that is with me doing LST. If I had not trained it she would be six...