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    White Crack and AutoPots

    Strains - (5) White Crack - 5 out of 5 sprouted and above soil Tent: 60' x 60' x 80" Light: (2) HLG 320W XL v2 Schedule: 20/4 Medium: - Mother Earth Coco with perlite 70/30 mix Nutrients: - Mega Crop, Sweet Candy, Cali-Magic Nutrients will be switched to DynaGro next week as I am not a huge...
  2. elcoloan

    Mephisto Genetics in 2x2x4 under LED

    Hello friends! I'm finally starting this thread to keep a journal of the Mephisto seeds I got thanks to the kindness of @boaty mcboatface . I've really been looking forward to this. I usually only grow 1 or 2 plants at a time in my tent. This first Mephisto run I'll do will be with just one...
  3. pop22

    Trainwreck! Pop22's favorite Sativa!

    I really love Trainwreck. It one of only three or four sativa dominant strains that I like and can tolerate. This is the only Sativa besides ducksfoot that I've grown more than once. I grew Sweet Seeds auto Trainwreck 3 times and this is y second grow of Humboldt Trainwreck photo period ( HINT...
  4. R

    Indoor Grow How Much Lux For Each Stage of Grow? (Quantum Boards)

    Growing a handful of autos indoor, rocking a few of the 240w LM301H Quantum Boards on a 20/4 schedule. For those that run similar QBs, what sort of lux do you give your girls at canopy throughout each stage of their life (seedling, early veg, mid/late veg, flower)? As well as, what sort of...
  5. R

    Comparing Autocobs to Quantum Boards

    I love the autocob lights I got from cobshop.net, so much so that I ordered four, then two more, and I'll be ordering three more in the next few weeks! When I asked for light suggestions on another forum, I received a lot of input for Quantum Boards. I looked into them, but decided that the...