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remo nutrients

  1. Wawashell

    Wawashell’s Sweet Seeds Creme Caramel Auto

    Tent Setup and Lighting post later date after setup, but did plant the Creme Caramel Auto in 3gal Growbag with 60% Canna Coco, 20% Perlite and 20% Vermiculite. Currently in the 2x4x6 tent with the BLo and Trident Sp, until tent is finished (hopefully this weekend)
  2. St. Tom

    st tom running bubba kush

    hi this will be the beginning of my journal i will be running 3 strains off different vendors this one with thanks to @HSO-Mark will be my 1st run with hso and im hoping to put on a great show she will be in an autopot with 47l res and be grown under my sanlight q6w what im testing also...
  3. Wawashell

    Wawashell Purple Nuggets DWC with Remo Nutrients

    Wawashell is ready for a run of DWC with Mephisto Purple Nuggets. Set up 450w LED full spectrum 2x4x5.5 tent Tower circ fan 5 gal DWC bucket 4 inch rock wool In Rez- 3x1 inch air stone and 4 inch disk Aqauirium dual line air pump (forgot the specs, but next pay will be getting a hydroponic...
  4. cdnBuddy

    First time sprouting

    Hey Gang, This is my first time trying to grow anything! Pretty happy I got this far, now just trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Day 6 Setup: Autopots 3.9L pots Lights: Solstrips 180watts @ 20" from top Tent: 4x2x7' Medium: Coco Nutrients: Remo Nutrients Temperature: 82.4°F Lights on...
  5. cdnBuddy

    Auto Mazar / Ultimate - Autopots - Coco - LED

    After months of research and a few bumps in the road with selecting all the components I'm finally ready to go! Tent is all setup, and have my fans/humidifier/lights all running to test things out and make sure I can maintain the right temp/humidity throughout the grow. Out of my seed stash I...
  6. cdnBuddy

    Remo's supercharged kit

    Soon to be a first time grower, and still on the hunt for nutrients. @St. Tom mentioned that he is really happy with this brand and thought I'd get some more info on it. I'm planning on grow coco/pert mix 80/20% or so, and in either 3 or 5 gallon air pots and hand watering once a day in flower...
  7. DJ High

    Indoor Grow Round 2 here we come! Fast Buds LSD25 in Coco

    Alright! Ready for grow #2 in light of cannabis becoming legal in Canada in 3 days! Will be growing two LSD-25 in coco/perlite (70/30) under an 800 watt cob led grow light using Remo's Micro, Grow, Bloom, MagNiFiCal & probably AstroFlower. I'll be on a 18/6 light cycle. My last grow was my...
  8. MedGrower

    MedGrower does Seed Stockers White Widow (Telos 0008 / DWC)

    Hello :toke: I am going to grow one White Widow automatic that Seed Stockers kindly provided for me to try out. My setup is as follows: Grow space: 60cm x 100cm x 200cm (DxWxH) = 0,6 m2 Lights: GN Telos 0008 Reservoir: Old GHE aeroponic system tank modified to be just DWC tank. I use 3"...
  9. MedGrower

    Royal Queen Seeds Royal Creamatic - Test Grow by MedGrower

    I got provided with some test seeds from @RoyalQueenSeeds thank you guys! :thumbsup: My intention is to test this strain out simply growing it with my regular DWC setup in my grow cabinet sized 60cm x 100cm = 0,6m2 with GrowNorthern HS1 -light (perhaps 2 at the generative cycle) and Remo...
  10. Boradan

    REDO - IN AT THE DEEP END !! - DWC/LED/Remo Nutrients: Fruit Punch Auto/Cheese Auto

    I had to start a fresh thread for my first grow as my image host decided to shut down and I could no longer edit the older posts to insert image links. Luckily, I am only 12 days into the grow, so it isn't a major issue. The setup is as follows: Mars 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m Tent 4" extractor fan and...
  11. Boradan

    IN AT THE DEEP END !! - DWC/LED/Remo Nutrients: Fruit Punch Auto/Cheese Auto

    Hi all. I figured it was time for me to try my first grow after assisting a friend in his grow. Despite the fact that I am totally new to this game, I decided to run with a full DWC system under LEDs. Although DWC can be difficult, it does give impressive results when done correctly, so I...
  12. Boradan

    In at the Deep End...

    Been lurking for a while whilst considering starting a grow, and now that I have decided to go for it I figured it would be a good time to introduce myself. I am a total Virgin at this and came to the conclusion (after watching/assisting a friend with a budget White Widow Auto soil grow) that I...
  13. Wawashell

    Wawashell’s Relentless Mephisto Gene.

    Day 2 Company: Mephisto Strain: Mystery Seed Medium: Organic Potting Soil and Coco Coir Pot Size: 3 gal Smartpot folded/filled 1.5 gal Nutes: Remo Nutrients (waiting for House and Garden sample) Light: 600 watt LED Grown in 2x3 Floor Closet (shared with my current grow of 3 SS HBD Remo DWC)
  14. Wawashell

    SS Himalayan Blue Diesel Remo Nute DWC

    Intro: New to forum (AFN) but not new to grows or forums (grasscity). Did a few photos last year, threw out the year. But my second real grow. In the past, I made some critical mistakes (lost a few plants due to poor choices) but had a really good soil grow setup in the end. MK Ultra was...
  15. MedGrower

    MedGrower does Remo Nutrients - Auto Ultimate DWC grow

    Alright. Now that I have some experience with Remo Nutrients and I find myself in a need to do a bumpercrop for the late summer, I desided to make this my official second round growing with Remo Nutrients in DWC. If you checked out my last attempt you realized that even though I got really good...
  16. jingo

    Jingo grows Dinafem White Cheese, lumigrow pro 325, gh and remo nutes

    This will be a diary for the current whit cheese comp, please no posting for now as this is going to be locked.
  17. Eekman

    REMO Nutrients first time Nute user

    Hello Everyone, Welcome to Uncle Eek's Cabin. We received our Remo package about four or five days ago. We immediately dropped two 2fast 2vast feminized seeds into 10 gallon of coco soil sold at a local hydro store, in Smart Pots. We have two LED lights, one a solar flare 220 and a Platinum...
  18. IzzyTheGrower

    White crack and 3bears og with IzzyTheGrower

    Genetics: White crack and 3bears og from mephisto genetics Autopots: 2x 15L this time around im using coco mixed with a lil worm castings I would like to incorporate a sillicate this round as well looking into pyroclay giru Lights: Starting them off with a nice amount of light these girls...
  19. F.N.


    I have three beautiful strains from my favorite breeder Mephisto of course. They are in three gallon pots . They will be fed @REMO Nutrients. Here is a picture of the sour crack and HBSS some pictures of HEISENHOUND to come. The first picture is the HBSS and then sour crack
  20. MedGrower

    MedGrower does Remo Nutrients (DWC/GN lights/DutchPassion AWW)

    Alright. After checking out some awesome growing with Remo Nutrients, I got my hands on them too. I desided to take some time to do my part in testing these and see how an fairly average grower will do with them in fairly average conditions with DWC. Previously I had good results with Advanced...