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ripley's og

  1. Ripley's  from Mephisto

    Completed Ripley's from Mephisto

    So I have a little Ripley's growing, in a 2 gal pot. I love this strain. It has, so far, gotten taller than me by a good 3-4 inches every time. Tall for an auto, and she stacks those golfballs, too. A lot of mephisto strains seem to throw more individual nuggets than the larger, condensed...
  2. Phobos

    Ripley's OG first smoke report

    Seedbank Name: Mephisto Genetics Strain Name: Ripley's OG (Alien OG auto X Ruderalis) Did it autoflower?: Yes Soil/Hydro: Hydro RDWC Nutes: Canna aqua Vega / Flores + Canna Rhyzo + Canna Boost + CannaZym Lights: Galaxyhydro 300W, 18/6 Days from seed to harvest: 1st plant : 65 days (smaller...
  3. L

    Which `OG` from Mephisto?

    Hi guys, I am about to finalise my season 2019 grow plan and wanted to ask your help concerning Mephisto's OG strains. Ripley's OG, 3 Bears OG and Samsquanch OG all sound amazing, but make it hard for me to pick which one to go for (besides various other Meph strains). Grow Setup: Southern...
  4. Lysergik_kid

    anyone grow Ripleys OG?

    Hi everyone.. after a successful 2 plant grow ive decided to upgrade my tent to a 4x4 and only grow 1 time a year instead of 2 or 3 times in a 2x2.. The strain i picked was Ripley's OG as i was told its the biggest and its nice and potent.. i have a couple questions to those who have grown...
  5. Dublegendz

    Deficiency...HELP!! Ripley's OG by Mephisto

    So this was yesterday.... 20181215_174524 by Dublegendz posted Dec 16, 2018 at 9:22 AM And now this was this morning... 20181216_091115 by Dublegendz posted Dec 16, 2018 at 9:22 AM I changed her res last night...always use ro water w/1ppm. She was on a light feed of Nova grow, calmag &...
  6. Dublegendz

    Water level in dwc causing probs?

    So I'm wondering if the leaf curl on my dwc (Ripley's OG) is due to water level being too high? I only run the top feed twice a day @ 2 min intervals & the roots are bright white & healthy. I'm only concerned cuz next to her my Walter White's leaves are perky in the coco...they were born the...
  7. Dublegendz

    1st Mephisto grow...dwc & coco

    I'm trying a side by side grow using a diy 5 gallon dwc & Char Coir coco in 3 gallon smart pots. Strains are all Mephisto...Walter White, Ripley's OG & freebies are livers x Samsquanch. I've never posted a thread so bear with me. If I'm making mistakes posting i apologize. Any suggestions would...
  8. McDee

    When should I stop supercropping?

    I have an SODK and Ripley's OG that are on day 43. How late can you supercrop, some say they do it into flower others say stop before flower? Never did it before so not sure. Just did a flush will do first bloom feeding in a few days. Thanks in advance.