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ripper seeds

  1. mdabber

    KmintZ (Ripper Seeds)

    Living soil
  2. Cringer

    Photoperiod Grow Ripper Seeds / Zombie Kush / LED / 100% Coco

    I need to Grow this Strain again and do an Journal here... This is my 4th Zombie Kush Grow and this Strain is Killer! I Grow Autos and Photos sometimes at the same time, it is a great kombo when you let the Photo share the Light from the Flowing Autos at the same time and when the Autos are...
  3. Trichome farmer

    Indoor Grow PHOTOS/CLONES/AUTOS 2019

    hello all this will be my main thread for 2019 so what have we ahead of us alot of different strains and breeders dutch passion .seedstockers. mephisto.ripper seeds. and super sativa seed club just to name a few there will e a couple more il add as i pick them up later in the year not to mention...
  4. Cringer

    The Amazing "Zombie Kush" from Ripper Seeds

    This is a Third Time i Grow this Strain and it is an Absulutley Killer Strain definetley the Best Looking Buds i have ever Seen! I have started this Strain 2 Month ago but not in a Tent i have a Nice Spot on my Balcony South-Side to the Sun so why not Vegging under Sun and after my Autoflower is...
  5. Ripper

    Ripper does Ripper seeds

    I dropped 3 photo seeds and here they are on day 7 They are all in 1.5 gallon pots and are being grown using the Mephisto amendment. I used two full scoops of the amendment. They will be fed distilled water only. Starting week 3 they will be top fed real growers recharge till the are...