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  1. MOMedical

    Indoor Grow 5 Grow Show: Grape Dosi Breath SL, Purple Rolex V2.1, Runtz, Sour Apple, Expert Gorilla

    :welcome::welcome::welcome: Hey all, first time documenting as I go so bear with me good or bad. These germed 5/2 so I waited to make sure all were healthy a few weeks in and here we are. I love trying all kinds of auto genetics from many many breeders big and small, always 3-4 different each...
  2. baked in the bluegrass

    Purple Dodgers down for the count

    Heya peeps! Just finished a grow of 2 Purple Dodgers from RBI. they took 77 days from pop to chop. they were both grown in coast of Maine supersoil topped with coco Loco for a mostly water only grow. there were a couple of small issues thru the grow but nothing that derailed us. luvly big chunky...
  3. January Drop RBI Purple Dodgers

    Completed January Drop RBI Purple Dodgers

    Fresh new staggered grow started on January 19th with 2x Purple Dodgers from Rocbud Inc. They are being grown in 5gal pots with coco loco and coast of Maine stonington blend supersoil. they are in a 4x4x6 tent and are being lit up by a couple of 65w cobs. it has been a mostly “water only” grow...
  4. Staggering thru ‘21, Volume 1 Jan-Jun featuring Rocbud Inc, Night Owl Seeds, and Fast Buds

    Staggering thru ‘21, Volume 1 Jan-Jun featuring Rocbud Inc, Night Owl Seeds, and Fast Buds

    A record of an attempted staggered autoflower grow. I’m going to split it into 2 parts as the first half of the year has been spent getting back on track and getting back into some sponsored fast buds grows. The grow started in January with a couple of Rocbud Inc Purple Dodgers. February saw...
  5. Fermented_Fruitz

    Surprise strain testers

    So gonna go ahead and do a thread for these babies since the auto testers I got are as of now code named X4 auto with name to come later! Guess @RocBudInc thought I’d blab if he told me the name now! :rofl: Im a week in on them as of now so about to do some day 1-7 updates to kick it off...
  6. GreenMersh

    RocBud/Mephisto 5x5 grow.

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to get my journal started for this next grow. The plan is to veg out 2 photoperiods while my 4 autoflowers run their cycle on a 18/6 light schedule. Once they are harvested or pretty much done gonna throw the photoperiods into flower on 12/12. The reason for the...
  7. PotDaddy

    RocBud Iced Punch City Fem & GMO Zkittles x Bwiz Reg

    Just dropped one of the Iced Punch city and 2 of the GMO since they are regs and hoping for 1 female in water with Superthrive. I received the GMO Zkittles x Bwiz as freebies and there are 7 seeds in the pack. Not 3 but 7!!! My plan is to start a few @RocBudInc autos in a few weeks and they...
  8. MasonJarOG

    Roc Bud Inc Purple Rolex V2

    I’m doing this in parallel to my other grow w 3Gal standard old sckool closet grow in @Rain Science grow bags (first time testing) with my indoor soil mix which has lots of good stuff and is primarily a peat based organic soil with Kellogg's organic fertilizer mix, ewc, medium perlite and a...
  9. MasterTarzan

    New Grower: RocBudInc Passion Punch & Purple Scoops

    Hey I’ve been lurking here for awhile watching & learning. I decided to start posting so I can get some help & get better. Here’s some RocBudInc Purple Scoops (Day 30) & Passion Punch (Day 50). Any tips or advice is appreciated. I’m growing w a MarsHydro ts3000 w coco loco in 3 gallon pots...
  10. Fermented_Fruitz

    Indoor Grow RocBudInc genetics Perpetual SIP earthbox grow

    So I am finally getting to grow what I’ve been waiting a min to start but I wanted all my full size plants chopped and out the way before starting 1 of my @RocBudInc strains! I decided to do 1 full size earthbox in my 2x4 gorilla tent so it could grow as beastly as it wanted! Not exactly sure of...
  11. PotDaddy

    Lets see your Seed collection

    Lets see what you got?
  12. Weekly update:

    Weekly update:

    Update time: Purple Rolex is doing ok she is starting to transition not going to get as big as I would hope but she is going to be much better than she looked when she was stunted. I hacked her up last night removing quite a few fan leaves. Still adding the SuperThrive into trying to slow down...
  13. Puff Puff Pat

    Puff Puff Pat's 2nd Grow - Mephisto SLxSB and Rocbud Inc Grape Rolex

    Well, new username, new avatar, and time for a new grow! This time boys and girls, we're doing my last freebie from Mephisto, an SLxSB, as well as a Grape Rolex from Rocbud Inc. I'm still waiting for the Grape Rolex seeds to come in, but I only ordered them on Thursday, but I picked up new...
  14. B02A0035-1EC2-4DB0-AB1F-5C670271B503.jpeg


    Rocbud Purple Rolex
  15. C46D15DF-4943-4FC5-B399-1E7B763106C7.jpeg


    Rocbud purple Rolex
  16. 28ABCFB5-EC44-4E37-82A7-50F879F434BB.jpeg


    Purple Rolex day 55
  17. Purple Rolex1.jpg

    Purple Rolex1.jpg

    RocBud Purple Rolex #1
  18. RocBud Purple Rolex

    RocBud Purple Rolex

    RocBud Purple Rolex
  19. PotDaddy

    Indoor Grow RocBud Genetics: Grape Rolex, Iced Gushers, Cookies #1

    @RocBudInc Purple Rolex day 2. She had a little trouble she started upside down and had to pull it out with tweezers and put her right side up. She didn't look good for a day but shes recovered and is under a cfl till she's ready to go into the tent.
  20. thedailydose

    Indoor Grow 3rd grow: mephisto & rocbudinc - rainscience vs fabric pot.

    SET UP: tent: 48x24x60 vivosun grow tent lights: autocobs 3500k (x4)(no reflectors) by @BigSm0 https://www.autoflower.net/forums/forums/cobshop/ light schedule: 18/6 intake: passive exhaust: vivosun 4" fan & filter combo 203 cfm soil: promix hp nutrients: AN sensi bloom A & B AN...