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  1. Wawashell

    Wawashell Runs BLo in Coco

    i will be running @Magic Strain Breeders pack BLo x1. Just so I can get the feel for her. Including after learning my mistakes with the Binary Genetics BlkMrrr. Extra precautions and prepping were taken, :smoking: Alright the Set Up. Roots Organic Coco (ph’Ed and rinsed) in 1 gallon...
  2. BrewersBuds

    Blue Microverse accompanied by some SC, SN, & 4AM

    5/29/2019 Dropped 2 Night Owl Seeds Blue Microverse F4 1 Mephisto Sour Crack 1 Mephisto 4 Assed Monkey 1 Mephisto Strawberry Nuggets I’ll be putting the 2 Blue Micros and the Sour Crack in my 4x2x7 tent under my Amare sp400. Basically one cob per plant. The other tent (3x3x8) will house...
  3. Autotron

    Indoor Grow Autotron's organic super soil perpetual grow

    After a successful foray into hydro, I'm looking to get something as chill and low maintenance as possible going to give me something to play with, but not take up much time or effort. To that end, a super soil based organic grow fit the bill. I've done these in the past with Kindsoil, but it...
  4. S

    Is soil really too hot for autos?

    It has taken a long time for me to arrive at this conclusion. I believe that my favorite soil, Roots organic original, is the reason why my autos always dwarf and show weird deficiencies/burns. Every time I run new autos, no matter the strain, I end up with a squatted plant that has a low...
  5. NewDream

    SubCool supersoil vs biotabs in autopots

    I was considering using biotabs and biobizz on my next grow, but since I’m in the US it might be more cost effective to use this organic super soil concentrate from Amazon with roots organic soil.: Organic Super Soil Concentrated Strength . Was wondering if anyone has tried this before Or...
  6. MissUniverse

    Sweet CBD Auto

    I am getting the honor of testing an exciting new strain, Sweet CBD Auto is advertised to have up to 15% CBD and less than 1% thc. This means no high, just relief... Which is what I want most times. Link to breeder website From the breeder website...
  7. MissUniverse

    Missy's summer/fall perpetual thread

    This is a place I'll document my strains randomly. Here's the run down Light: 1x Mars Hydro 600 1xMars Hydro 300 Grow Space: 48*24*60inch tent Soil: DWC, Roots Organic, Promix Container: DWC 5gal, air pot 3 gal, air pot 1 gal Seeds: Mephisto Genetics
  8. Dabber

    The Kush Comparison Grow

    I'm doing a Kush comparison grow with the following 3 Kush strains and 3 breeders FastBuds Blackberry, Mephisto 3 Bears OG and MSNL OG Kush My set up: Room 44" x 44" x 9' Lighting 2 HiGrow 600 watt LEDs, 1 Growstar 1000 watt LED and supplemental LED drop light in 5000 and 2700 kelvin for veg...
  9. Ripper

    Rippers cosmic queen

    here is my spacedoggin day 1 above ground. She is going in a 1.5 gallon pot I am using roots organic and Mephisto amendment. At week three she will be top fed once per week with real growers recharge...
  10. strangegreen

    #21 Sour Crinkle + #29 BlueToof

    Hi All, Put the seeds into shot glass of water over night July 27th. Sprouted next day. Put into rapid rooters into a makeshift greenhouse. Transferred to soil once taproot showed on bottom. Soil - FFOF+ azomite, perlite and mykos. Viparspctra 300w for veg Galaxy Hydro 600w for bloom Nectar...
  11. NLxHaze

    Skystomper and Sour Stomper grow journal

    :welcome:Hello and welcome to my second grow journal. I'm still in the process of documenting the first one, so I'll be updating both of them from time to time. This time around we will be growing Sour Stomper and Skystomper from Mephisto genetics:pighug: Day one for each of them was on 6/28...
  12. TaTHC

    First ever real grow when should I start flush

    Hey I got this electric fruit auto's about to finish it's 9th week it's an 8-9 week strain so I was gonna give one feed of mollasses only then just water for the next week or 2.what do yall's hard checking with microscope I got a shaky hand
  13. SMOOTHseven

    Mephisto mixed in Super Soil

    Mephisto Mixed pack not sure of strains. In roots organic and mephisto soil amendments.
  14. Ripper

    Ripper drops a cherry bomb

    i will be growing this girl under my Northern grow lights COB light She is in a 3 gallon air pot. I am using roots organic soil. I will be using Nectar for the gods nutrients for this grow. Lighting will be 24 hours as it is too cold to turn my lights off here. Here is the feed schedule...
  15. Ripper

    Rippers little devil cream

    i have her sprouted and she is on day 6. She is growing in a 3 gallon air pot. She is in roots organic soil I started her in a root riot in the final pot just watered and kept a clear plastic cup over her. She is under my COB light from northern grow lights that I built myself. I will be...
  16. bigaizsosexy

    Kind Soil Future Grow. Roots Organic Base Medium

    Hello everyone, I am looking to start my next grow, and I will be using KIND SOIL. I will be using Roots Organic as a base media, which is suggested by Kind Soil. I will be growing one jack diesel auto by Positronics in a 5 gallon smart pot. My question is: Do I use the Roots Organic...
  17. NugNubs

    Shorty Rides Again

    NugNubs Back in the saddle, one plant this time, still Short Rider. Using Roots Organic original soil with roots nutes. Buddha grow, uprising foundation , amino aide, elemental cal-mag to date, Buddha bloom, hi phos bat and seabird guano and Humboldt big up powder to come. today is day 41
  18. Vedder6.0

    sea grow shelf life?

    I was wondering if anyone knows if sea grow (or any fert for that matter) has a shelf life? i basically bought a couple things of sea grow buckets that i havent gone thru yet, but both of these were purchased years ago i realized. just seeing if I can still feed my plants with some fet purchased...