royal dwarf

  1. Trav*newgrower*

    New Grower Introduction again

    Hey guys I did my introduction back round may 23rd but couldn't find it I guess I didn't click post or left the page before it loaded lol. Hello to all I'm new to these autos and not real sure about anything lol. I have grown photoperiod plants have maybe 12 plants under my belt amd I DO NOT...
  2. Trav*newgrower*

    1st autos ever!! Royal dwarf -RQS & Blue Dream'matic-FastBudz the under $200 version

    Howdy and welcome to my 1st EVER Auto grow!!!!!! I chose the Royal Dwarf from Royal Queen Seeds for it's ease and very very beginner friendliness and short grow time. Now for the Blue Dream'matic from Fast_Budz I got this one mainly cause it looked good and seen several grows where this girl...
  3. GirthWindAndFire

    First Time - Royal Dwarf / White Widow Auto (Dinafem)

    Hey guys, These are 25 days old. White Widow is in the center with the other 2 being Dwarves. Would love to know what you think, especially about what's up with the girl on the left. I'm assuming it's pH related as I had my meter arrive today and it read the pH as 7.5, I've used white...
  4. Avalanche Blanch

    Royal Queen Seeds Royal Dwarf

    I started this grow half way through my Kush grow and now that's finished.. I will put this lady in the thread she belongs.. :biggrin: Birthday was the 8th April so she is sitting at 6 weeks old. Stands at 65cm and so far has been a great grow.. love her structure and spacing in between nodes...
  5. Dudeski

    Royal Queen Seeds Royal AK and Royal Dwarf

    Royal Queen Seeds have some amazing genetics so i started a Royal AK and a Royal Dwarf last night in 3 gallon fabric pots. I'm using Roots 707 soil with various ammendments. GBD, alfalfa meal, some guanos, Aurora Elemental , potassium silicate and something else I don't remember right now...
  6. Element115

    When do you switch to a flowering light?

    I know it may sound like a dumb question but when do you normally switch lighting? I've always assumed it was when the pistels are showing but it seems like I could have vegged a week longer. I'm using a blue CFL then switching to red when the pistels show.
  7. Element115

    RQS Royal Dwarf Auto

    Veg light: 130w Super cool CFL Flower light: 125w Red CFL Soil: Plant Magic plus Grow space: a walk in cupboard Nutes: Plant magic old timer organic Veg and Bloom. I'm abit late with posting as she's currently 26days old. I bought 6 royal dwarf seeds and have previously grown in a converted...
  8. strangegreen

    Royal Queen Seeds Royal Dwarf Auto, 1st Grow Journal!

    Hi all, Ive finally popped some Roral Dwarf Auto seeds into the dirt. Ill try to keep this updated periodically. Organic Soil. FFOF + Perlite and bit of Vermiculite. Added rock dust as well. Tap water filtered - no chlorine/chloramine 300W Viparspectra LED Nectar of Gods base line...
  9. D

    Growing Autos with Photos

    Hey people, I am currently growing 4 autos with 1 photo. I am 6 weeks in. I was wondering if switching to 12/12 to flower the photo with the autos will be a bad idea. Will it drastically hurt the yields from my autos? Should I just ditch the photo? I really don't have space inside or outside the...