royal queen seeds

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  1. Mañ'O'Green

    Cookies and Cookies

    Hang on to the handle bars here we grow again!
  2. cosmicinfinities

    COSMIC is back with a 3rd CBD Grow.

    Why hello all you AFN fans, I hope you are all well. I am back with a 3rd Grow (Long overdue) Again I have gone with CBD Rich strains from Royal Queen Seeds in the form of Stress Killer and Fast Eddy (Or as I call them... Killerey and Edwinna haha. Looking for some help with first time LST and...
  3. The Undercover Grower

    Royal Cookies RQS

    Hi all. I've only recently joined AFN so this is my 1st journal here and I'm hoping for plenty of help along the way. This will be my 3rd autoflower grow but I definitely class myself as a new grower when it comes to autos. My 1st was a fairly successful auto Royal Gorilla grow which yielded...
  4. ColoradoDreaming420

    Indoor Grow HYDROPONICS- Reverse Flood Table- Abducted by Aliens in the Bermuda Triangle

    “Science is based on experiment, on a willingness to challenge old dogma, on an openness to see the universe as it really is.” -Carl Sagan Hello. Hello....... Is anyone there? Is this thing on? Well.. if we manage to reach you, we have something to share. We have journeyed far and...
  5. Nosias

    ChilLED Tech 400 light with Auto Pots and 6 auto ladies

    Today is 10-3-2018 I have planted my 4th grow in the med tent. So here is the gear.... 1.The light is a ChilLED Tech "commercial" 400 watt LED with controller. This light has killed it for me on my last grows. It will continue to make me smile. Weight 40 lbs Dimensions 31 x 28.5 x 10 in...
  6. Avalanche Blanch

    Royal Queen Seeds Royal Dwarf

    I started this grow half way through my Kush grow and now that's finished.. I will put this lady in the thread she belongs.. :biggrin: Birthday was the 8th April so she is sitting at 6 weeks old. Stands at 65cm and so far has been a great grow.. love her structure and spacing in between nodes...
  7. Dhante420

    Grow #2 - Organic - Viparspectra LED - HPS

    Hello Everyone :d5: Glad to be back and starting a new grow! This will be my second grow ever and im happy to share it with you guys. Here is what i have... 1.2mx1.2m Mars Hydro Grow Tent Can Filter and Extraction Fan 3ft 120w Tubular Heater 1x 600w Viparspectra LED light 2x 350w Viparspectra...
  8. Awan

    Awan's First Auto Grow: Mehphisto & RQS

    Hey folks, been waiting for awhile to get growing again. I wasn't sure if I was gonna make this post but I figured what the hell? Now that I have the opportunity to grow again I figured why not start with some autos?(Grow set up not quite where I want it yet to grow photos) So I got some...
  9. Dabber

    1st Cob grow

    :welcome: fellow growers and stoners :hippy: I would like invite you to join me on my 1st Cob grow featuring the Autocob along with the Timber 400 VS Vero 29 Gen 7. I'm a newbie who is still learning to grow this beautiful plant and what better place to learn than here on AFN the best site on...
  10. Mcdee

    Royal Queen Seeds Royal Queen Seeds sold in U.S.?

    Anyone know of a distributor/seller of RQS in the U.S.? Would love to try their gear, but I don't buy from overseas right now. Until it's legal to buy seeds so i don't need to pay out the butt for stealth shipping I'm sticking from with in. I know it limits me and that sucks, but don't want the...
  11. Mossy

    Royal Queen Seed first leg POLL OPEN

    Details to follow...:amazon:..Gladiators sign in.. Test Team for #royalqueengroweroftheyear2018 are @sanguine @AJrexxx @Unique @F.N. @Only1Sky Here is the list, alphabetized, with everyone's stain (as best I could tell from the earlier posts).:joy: @AJrexxx Royal Kush Feb 16 March 1...
  12. imlovennuggets

    Royal Queen Seeds RQS Amnesia Haze auto

    Hey all! Thought I'd post since its the last few weeks till harvest and flowering is what we all want to look at right! Haha. So this lady is 57days in from sprout. I lst'd her pretty well for my first time I think she has a pretty even canopy, hard to tell the main cola from the rest. Developed...
  13. MedGrower

    Royal Queen Seeds Royal Creamatic - Test Grow by MedGrower

    I got provided with some test seeds from @RoyalQueenSeeds thank you guys! :thumbsup: My intention is to test this strain out simply growing it with my regular DWC setup in my grow cabinet sized 60cm x 100cm = 0,6m2 with GrowNorthern HS1 -light (perhaps 2 at the generative cycle) and Remo...
  14. Dudeski

    Royal Queen Seeds Royal AK and Royal Dwarf

    Royal Queen Seeds have some amazing genetics so i started a Royal AK and a Royal Dwarf last night in 3 gallon fabric pots. I'm using Roots 707 soil with various ammendments. GBD, alfalfa meal, some guanos, Aurora Elemental , potassium silicate and something else I don't remember right now...
  15. Druid

    100$ Grow - Royal Critical in an oversized Shoebox

    Hi, this time I'll be growing some Critical from Royal Queen Seeds. I got a bunch of those seeds so why not use of them as a little showcase item. The aim of this grow is to demonstrate that you need only 100$ to grow cannabis. So before anything else, here's a parts list: and some pictures...
  16. nizmoKush

    Royal Queen Seeds Nizmo gets cheesy

    Testing out a RQS royal cheese she's been germinating in paper towel for a day already by tomorrow she will have a good enough taproot. Light is a autocob 55w and mars 300w Nutrients are Remo supercharged kit Pot size I still don't know bit will be filled with FF happy frog with extra...
  17. Yeatster

    Royal Queen Seeds Yeatster gets Cheezy.

    I'm pleased to try, yet another breeder, Royal Queen Seeds! Aaand I've been wanting to see what cheese is all about. I've just got a day 2 pic. Specs of the grow will follow tomorrow. Ugggh. Pic to follow too. Reception stinks like a hermie when my battery low.
  18. BustCase

    Royal Queen Seeds Bubble kush

    Hi all ! Got 2 bubble kush that a friend was supposed to take at 2 weeks old. He has never done from seed only cuttings so I said I would start them off. I have only ever done autos, had a couple of amnesia autos on 20/4. So my buddy decided he couldn't take them, now I kinda just left...
  19. Clix

    Royal Queen Seeds RQS Auto Diesel and Easy Bud

    So I just got my seeds and I have to say. I am Very happy with the packaging. It's very professional well built and surely would withstand any abuse in the mailing system. I have some pics below. I will also be updating everyone very soon on the details of how I will be growing these seeds.
  20. PropagateAndPro-Create

    Royal Queen Seeds Lemon Haze DWC 600watt RQS Photo Grow

    Here is my Lemon Haze from Royal queen seeds. She is big and should yield nicely.She has a ton of branches even before I topped her. I topped her once and temporarily scrogged her to slow vertical growth. I removed the scrog ring a week ago and she loves being free. She is now trained nicely and...