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  1. young_auto_bot

    can i go from 24h light to a 20h automatics

    hi im late into flowering it is now almost 70 days flowering (blue dream matic) ive had it on a 24h light schedule,since veg,bottom 3/4 of the plant have calyxes with many pistils,but the top of the plants just have swollen calyxes foxtails i think they are called. some have just 2 pistils...
  2. DragonBlood

    Introducing Synergy Automatic Genetics

    Hey AFN! thanks for the wait... but we are here!!!! Its Z from S.A.G and I will go ahead and post our lovely autos. We have 9 auto fem strains available that finish 65-75 days from germination. Sweet Grape, Sour Grape, Wicked Monkey, Wicked Wappa, Sugar Black Rose, Chimp Glue, Blackberry Kush...
  3. D

    Ruderalis Indica breeding project

    so im trying to stabilize the auto flower gene in Sensi seeds ruderalis indica so that I can use it in future breeding projects. Sensi estimates only 50% of the seedlings to show the auto gene dominantly, but all seedlings should be carriers. The seeds are not feminized so there is a chance of...
  4. PropagateAndPro-Create

    Extremely light green budsites. Normal? DWC Fast buds GSC and Gorilla Glue

    I am currently growing my first autos, fast buds GSC and gorilla glue. I think the GSC is ruderalis dominant due to the structure of the plant. The cookie just finished its stretch and is starting to put on weight. My question is, are the budsites supposed to be this light? It's only on GSC not...
  5. PropagateAndPro-Create

    Ruderalis dominant fast buds GSC auto

    Is this plant ruderalis dominant? If it is, will it lose potency or will it be GSC in a ruderalis pheno? I haven't seen a GSC auto from fast buds look like this. It has little to no scent yet either.
  6. PropagateAndPro-Create

    Ruderalis Dominant phenotype Fast Buds GSC

    Hello there. I am new to this site, not so new to growing. I figured I had to come on here to get some advice/feedback about this phenotype of GSC from Fast Buds. I don't have anyone else to talk to about it since I live in a place that frowns upon growing gods gift to man kind. Anyways here...