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  1. thedailydose

    2nd grow: mephisto genetics - samsquanch OG / strawberry nuggets / 24 carat

    SET UP: tent: 24x24x55 light: autocob 3500k (x2)(no reflectors) light schedule: 18/6 intake: passive exhaust: vivosun 4" fan & filter combo 203 cfm soil: pro mix hp nutrients: gh flora micro/bloom (lucas schedule) + *cal mag *ph up / down *tap water seeds: 1) samsquanch OG - 3gal rain...
  2. L

    Which `OG` from Mephisto?

    Hi guys, I am about to finalise my season 2019 grow plan and wanted to ask your help concerning Mephisto's OG strains. Ripley's OG, 3 Bears OG and Samsquanch OG all sound amazing, but make it hard for me to pick which one to go for (besides various other Meph strains). Grow Setup: Southern...
  3. Dublegendz

    1st Mephisto grow...dwc & coco

    I'm trying a side by side grow using a diy 5 gallon dwc & Char Coir coco in 3 gallon smart pots. Strains are all Mephisto...Walter White, Ripley's OG & freebies are livers x Samsquanch. I've never posted a thread so bear with me. If I'm making mistakes posting i apologize. Any suggestions would...
  4. Black Hat Genetics

    Samsquanch OG - Organic Soil and Teas

    I'm going to be giving another of my favorite Mephisto another go, and it will be one of the 3 strains I am using for my first all organic soil \ tea \ water only grow. I will be documenting the other two strains in their own threads as well. I've been using Dutch Pro for the past couple years...
  5. Only1Sky

    1Sky Multi-Strain in Coco w/ nutrients & Amare SE450UVB

    Hi folks, this journal will track progress on my 6th grow: a four-plant tent consisting of a 2nd run of Trainwreck & Sweet Tooth, and a 1st run of Cosmic Queen and Samsquach OG. SEEDS (4 germinated): Sweet Seeds: Trainwreck Barneys Farm: Sweet Tooth Mephisto: Cosmic Queen & Samsquanch OG...
  6. O

    First Time Mephisto Tent Grow

    Hi guys, Not sure if this is where I should introduce myself, if not please direct me to correct section! thanks. Been told by a couple of fellow enthusiast (@derek420colorado , @Coffee&Kush) to get on here and start reading. I am setting up my first indoor grow tent as I have always been an...
  7. NoRobo

    Samsquanch OG

    Breeders Name: Mephisto Genetics Strain Name: Samsquanch OG (Yeti OG x 3 Bears OG) Autoflower?: Yes, day 20. Soil/Hydro: Soil, 6 gallon fabric pot Nutes: Super soil on its 5th cycle with well water only. Never PH'ed or PPM. Lights: 1 300w mars knock off, old style directly above with...