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  1. Fuzzbird

    Growing Sativa Heavy Strains with Limited Height?

    Anyone have any tips/experience for growing Sativa dominant strains with a limited height grow space? I only have roughly 5ft in height to work with but lean heavily towards Sativas, worried I will run out of room rapidly. Thinking mainly just LST the heck out of my girls with potential topping...
  2. Closetflowers


  3. Seedsman | Jack Herer

    Completed Seedsman | Jack Herer

    So I received this strain as a freebie and I intended to clone a bunch off if it but it would get woody incredibly fast and take incredibly long to root; three to four weeks. I had three seeds and I thought about killing them in several occasions but I decided to go ahead and flower them since...
  4. Fluidus. | Topiaria. | Fumus.

    Fluidus. | Topiaria. | Fumus.

    Fluidus. | Topiaria. | Fumus. The space and the entry place for my grow journals, personal interest, hobbies, fascinations, just anything cultivation related. Growing for several years now impacted me in a way I never before could have imagined bringing out new passions and lifestyle...
  5. FTF_damien50

    Photoperiod Grow The Limited Editions: Ace Seeds

    Fuuuuuckkkkk everything else is my first feeling but realistically I have Jack Herer clones awaiting and some auto diesel going. So for anyone curious; this is my dedicated grow journal to Ace and their limited edition catalogue. it is my hope and intent with this diary to encounter some unique...
  6. FTF_damien50

    Photoperiod Grow 480CobsGPFDPerpEB2

    Last grow went less than satisfactory and then I smoked a landrace and decided I wanted a grow Pure sativa. Ordered 6x Malawi x Panama from Seedsman and got a bunch of freebies. I believe Led lighting has come far enough that I should invest in it so ordered 12 Bridgelux EB2's in 3000k @ 44"...

    Where would I post an Ace grow diary?

    I am currently 6 weeks into a grow of Ace seeds auto Northern Lights x Killer Malawi and was wondering where I would post that.?If anyone knows please reply because she is a beauty so far grown all TLO.I have never seen any grows or smoke reports on this strain so I thought it would be a good...
  8. Gabarram

    Nirvana Sky Super Auto strain

    This Nirvana Sky Super Auto from Flash Seeds (100-120 days from seed to harvest) was growing (indoors) in a 15 L plastic pot since germination. The substrate is coco coir perlite (65/35) and the FlowerPower line as fertilizers (also, I use root excelurator) and Ca-Mg-Fe supplement). When she...
  9. Ronin


    Welcome to my Zapotec pictorial:pass: This fine lady passed through my garden some time ago. Just came across some pics that I thought I'd share. Specs: Genetics: Zapotec (Highland Oaxacan Gold x Santa Marta Colombian Gold) by Norstar Genetics Container: Airpot (red bottom) Medium: Roots...
  10. Tycho

    Honduras Dwarf Sativa?

    m in Honduras on holiday and sourcing some landrace sativa seeds while I'm at it. I met up with a childhood friend who's been living here 10 years. He handed me a bag of what they call “Trash". We'll one man's trash is another man's gold. Lol. This local weed is amazing. Stellar. Even my wife...
  11. icmoon

    Cannabis and increased heart rate

    Hi, I just want to throw this one out to you all, first because I am new to growing my own (I am in week 17 of my first grow and although it was a mess at first due to trying to grow too many plants in a tiny tent all is now OK and flowering/budding nicely) secondly because I have angina with...
  12. La Buena Hierba

    Dolce Hierba autoflower *(outdoor)2017

    Dolce Hierba autoflower *(outdoor) is a new strain that come out of pure oldskool sativa lines like the pure old Haze lines and landrace Thai lines that i crossed with mine autoflowering Haze work . smoke report *olce Hierba autoflower Dulce Hierba autoflower was very old school in my feel, it...
  13. Scirzo

    Auto Seeds' Ultra Lemon Haze in a 23"x23"x41" cabinet

    :bighug: Hi guys! After the great result I got from my first grow, I'm ready for the next. For those interested, the journal of my first grow can be found here: https://www.autoflower.net/forums/threads/happy-noobs-first-grow-come-and-join-me.59249/ You all seem to like as many details as...
  14. IceWater421

    Brothers and Sisters Grape Crinkle Unite!!!

    I was hoping to get people experiences with the strain Grape Crinkle from Mephisto seeds. This is my first time growing this strain . It seems no matter how close my light is she wants to get tall on me I've tied her down around day 20 she jumped right back up in a day or so I bent her over she...
  15. Ronin

    Zipolite Oaxaca

    Good afternoon fellow AFN members and welcome to my Zipolite Oaxaca grow.:pass: I'd like to start off by thanking @gbd for the beans and the opportunity to maintain my Sativa Samurai moniker:worship: Thank you Sir:toke: These beans are from Nierika Seed Trust. A division of Bodhi Seeds...
  16. HitzFromDaKine

    Hitz Growing Some Trees

    Doing the intro thing. Found this through some guys over at r/autoflowers on Reddit. AFN seems to have far more action than over there and I am trying to be part of that Auto Life. I will have to get some pictures of my grow and bang out a journal and soon, but in the meantime let me do the...
  17. jingo

    Jingo does Fastbuds Stardog, Lsd25 and Mexican Airlines. Lumigrow pro LED's and gh nutrients.

    Okay welcome to another fumbling and bumbling grow by jingo. Maybe im being a bit hard on myself, but if you followed my other grow you know by now I AM THE WORST PEST IN MY GROW ROOM. Okay, now that i have that out of the way lets get started. First off ill tag a few people who were in my last...
  18. 509Blazer

    Yellow margins on calyx

    I have a Sativa dominant "massive midget" auto going and have having trouble telling when to harvest. The plant is no midget, and instead of harvesting in 8 weeks, as Heavyweight seeds suggested, it is currently on day 89. If I harvested today, I figure I would get at least 4 oz dry and this...
  19. E

    Best strains for sub-tropical, humid, mountain grow

    Dear AFN friends! I would like to solicit your suggestions as to the best strains for an outdoor, subtropical, high humidity climate, in the mountains at slight altitude? My location is (see here for full grow journal, as you can read, I've had a few problems already): Latitude: somewhere...