1. T

    Seedbank recommendations?

    I ordered from CropKing for my first run. No issues with them. I was told they don't have the best phenotype though. Any suggestions?
  2. GreenMersh

    Advice Needed. Medium/seedbank/Pots

    Alright so I’m looking for the best and most fool proof options, as I am re doing a lot of my growing set up. I need to figure out what is the best and most simple soil for a newer grower to use on auto flowers. I’ve been using pure happy frog soil from fox farm, feeding with just Phed water and...
  3. Gary Vault

    Win x6 Sensi Seeds in this latest Vault Promo - Enter Below

    No we have not lost our ‘senses’ – we are running another Sensi Seed promo as the last one went down so well. You have a chance to win x6 Seeds on this forum post. Simply let us know in the comments if you'd prefer to win Big Bud or Northern Lights. Closes Midnight UK Time, Thursday 20th June...
  4. Gary Vault

    Holy Truck What a 420 Promo from The Vault!

    Hi AFN, Gary Eff here with an 'Effing' great 420 promo for you all. We have multiple prizes, freebies and give away's this year with one very special star prize. A hand made Vault Truck - which you can win including over 100 seeds. To enter head to the blog and choose what total number of...
  5. Strainly

    Need your LOVE

    Hi Everyone! We are currently working days and nights to upgrade our site and give you more of what you asked for. In order to facilitate and accelerate the process, we are doing a crowdfunding campaign = HERE Please don't hesitate to support. Their are rewards in the form of Premium plans...
  6. Gary Vault

    Cannabis v Crohns

    We're starting a new blog series where we invite one of our followers to write about their positive experiences with Cannabis. Our goal is to help push the legalise Cannabis movement forward and break down stigma's. In this first post, we have a blog from Giancarlo in London, who tells us his...
  7. Gary Vault

    Seed Shopping? Have 12.5% Off Your Order At The Vault for AFN Members

    Straight to the point...Use code AFN125 to get 12.5% off your whole order! We send worldwide, give freebies on all orders and accept credit card. #TeamVault
  8. Gary Vault

    Vault's One Love Promo - Win Up-To 25 Seeds + 14% Discount Code

    Don't worry if you missed out this Valentines Day - take some love from the Vault with our 'LOVEly' Valentines Day #onelove International Promo. We want to see how far and wide our audience is spread across the globe, so to be in with the chance of winning one of 10 prizes with seed packs...
  9. Gary Vault

    Be Social Vault Promo – Win Seeds via The Vault Blog

    Hello Friends, I'm aware not everyone in the forum uses Social Media to post about Cannabis / Cannabis Seeds etc. For those that do, you might have noticed that our Instagram page is no more! For some reason and with no prior notice, they just took it down. SO - naturally, we opened a new one...
  10. Gary Vault

    Merry Vaultmas Promo – Win 100s & £100s

    Christmas is all about good deeds - so check this promo and WIN free seeds! - £100 to Spend at The Vault up for grabs - Top Prize of 100 Seeds to be Won - 11 other prizes of 5 seeds per Winner - Spend £25 to get £5 Voucher off at The Vault - live now To win on here, drop us a comment below...
  11. Gary Vault

    Fast Buds On Purchase Promo & Compo

    Hi Peeps It's Gary the serial competition runner here - from Vault Towers. I'm just dropping this here to let you know we are working with the guys at Fast Buds on an On Purchase Promo. Buy any Fast Buds 3 pack Get 1 Girl Scout Cookies Free Buy any Fast Buds 7 pack Get 2 Girl Scout Cookies...
  12. Gary Vault

    Green Friday Promo With 15% Discount and Multiple Seeds Up For Grabs.

    Hi AFN, Gary here with my first promo post - hopefully I am putting this into the correct area of the forum...;-) We don't do Black Friday here at the Vault - only Green...That's why we've called our next promo '#GreenFriday'! A 15% discount off all seeds awaits + 270 plus Seeds up for grabs...
  13. Micron Creek

    A Few Seedbank Experiences

    Hey, thanks for stopping by AFN. Ready to bring you real deal experiences with multiple banks throughout a decade of exploration. I will preface by stating: "The opinions expressed by the forest-dwelling sasquatch are not necessarily those of the AFN family. AFN can in no way be held...
  14. nicecoolbud

    Anybody use

    I spent a lot of time looking for a seed bank who carries fastbuds seeds. I only do business with those who accept credit card payments and I was a bit disappointed to find that so many of the seed banks are not set up for credit card transactions. The few I found could not process my CC tor...
  15. dbossmanfl

    The vault. Is now my new seedbank hands down..

    First off I want to give a shout out to George from the vault on the info .. now with that being said my opinion of the vault first off the customer service was excellent.. I order on 4/20 and receive today and the stealth was amazing. Also the days I have been getting seeds for along time but...
  16. cc2arms

    Gorilla Seedbank is AWESOME

    Ok everyone here's my critique and or review of Gorilla Seedbank. As a newcomer to the medicinal Marijuana industry It was suggested that I always obtain good genetics from a know n as well as reputable company, so I aligned myself with the company other friends had good experiences with. Now...