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  1. GreenBasterd

    Poor Little Yellow Seedlings - Innocent Victims of Me...

    Problem: Yellow/light green leaves. Medium/grow method: Sprouted rapid rooters. Transplated in Mother Earth 70/30 coco/perlite mix as soon as the taproot left the rapid rooter. Feed and supplements used: Used 1/8 strength Botanicare Pure Blend Grow 3-2-4 to precharge each planting pot with 2L...
  2. Phobos

    Pistils on cotyledons (mutant seedling Sour Livers)

    Hey guys, hope you are all doing well wherever you are. I wanted to share with you my tiny siamese mutant. She showed pistils right after the cotyledons showed off. Never seen this. Plus she has a siamese attached on her shoulder. I will let her grow and eventually keep you updated. Hope you...
  3. My First Autoflower Grow [INDOOR]

    My First Autoflower Grow [INDOOR]

    My First Autoflower Grow. (Coco Noir - COCO LOCO - Medium) (1) Seedling to Sproutling (2) Sexing (3) - (4) - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/
  4. S

    New Grower First time grower - need seedling advice

    Hello! First time grower here and looking for some advice as several of my seedlings appear to be struggling. Everything is currently in FF Happy Frog and I have a mix of ak47 and blue dream. The grow tent is at 82 degrees for most most of the day and 60% humidity. The larger two seedlings are 8...
  5. Day 7

    Day 7

    Everything seems fine. I will start feeding soon.
  6. Double Grape - Mephisto week 1

    Double Grape - Mephisto week 1

    Double Grape - week 1 Topping at day 14. Will begin lst a few days after.
  7. Bubble Kush auto the beginnings

    Bubble Kush auto the beginnings

    Decided to go with Bubble Kush Auto from RQC as my first ever grow. I'm expecting to learn a lot along the way. :toke: So i germinated the seed in paper towel method Sprouted real fast within 48 hours. For this grow I'm going with coco/perlite in 4 Gal pot My starter kit is from Marsh Hydro...
  8. J

    4 day old seedling / lime green veins

    Hello, I have been looking everywhere online but can't seem to find an identical issue. I am new to growing and in the last weeks I have tried 6 different seeds with same painful results. The seedling her first 2 leaves, their veins become lime green already after 3 days after coming above...
  9. C

    First grow. Autoflower slow growth and showing yellowing

    Hi Guys, So this is my first grow Strain : Chemdawg auto Medium : cococoir, vermicompost and compost. High concentrate of vermicompost/compost are lined to the wall of the pot Water : 6.5 with a bit of calmag and rooting solution Lighting : 400W Led, 60CM 23 inches away Duration : 2 weeks RH...
  10. A

    Stunted seedling, anything I can do?

    The smaller one was my first that germinated. Started a bit lanky too and now is growing very slow compared to my #2. Will it still grow and flower? I had a bit of a hard time getting environmental factors under control in the beginning so I think that's why he's not totally happy. Planted in...
  11. Newtoautogrow

    First time watering before planting

    Hi everyone need some help... So Im growing autos in 22 liter air pots with light mix soil with added perlite.. Ive pre watered the pots with 5 liters of water @6.5... Its my first time trying by his method so i'm abit sceptical... The soil seems abit compact.. (watered with watering can and...
  12. Dummy Grower

    Troubleshooting Slow growth and color loss (Seedling stage is all I know)

    Hey peeps.. first thread here. My name says it all. Almost a quarter century of getting high and just decided to try to grow my own. So this is my second attempt. First 2 plants ended in the bin. (I put coffee in the soil and burnt em on top of over watering) Set up: (Indoors South Europe...
  13. F

    Starting seedlings directly outdoor

    Hi guys, these days i've been searching a lot for good cfl, leds, growing box etc... but the only thing that came out is that i can't afford any of these (at least decent ones and not garbage), so i'm asking if it's possible to start seedlings directly outdoor in their 3 gallon smart pots after...
  14. Carecrab

    Germinate in soil.

    Hello fellow tomato growers! I'm new to this forum and I've been reading tons of information about autoflowers and growing in general. But there's one thing I cant seem to wrap my head around when it comes to germinate straight into the final pot. Some people advice you to pre flush the medium...
  15. Q

    Small flowers on a young seedling?

    Hello fellow growers, Starting a new grow after 8-odd years, and one of my seedlings (CBD Compassion Lime) is acting weirdly. It popped 8 days ago, grew a first set of leaves, and then stopped growing altogether after 4-5 days. I had a closer look today, and it looks like it's flowering? What...
  16. R

    Bringing up seedlings under LED, set to "flowering" setting.

    Hi AF crew, I have unique situation atm. I have a single NL auto under a Phlizon 600W LED. The girl has just hit flowering, so ive set the light to flowering mode. I also have 3 freshly germinated auto seedlings which are currently under the same light. Wondering if having the seedlings under...
  17. Week 1

    Week 1

    Layout: Front Left - Critical 2.0 auto (Dinafem) - wk6 Front Right - Blue Amnesia Auto (Ministry of cannabis) wk10 Middle - Creme de la Chem x Forum Stomper (Mephisto) wk 1 Back Left - Zkittles Auto (seedsmam) wk9 Back Right - g14 (Fast buds) wk7 Day 1 Everyone doing well for the most part. The...
  18. AnotherNewbie

    New Grower Need help with diagnose

    Hey^^ First of all, this is my first autoflower grow so I have no actual experience in handling this kind of stuff. To make it a bit easier, I'll just use formular given in the pinned thread; Problem: Weird, tiny white spots on the first leafs of my seedling. Dont know if it's a problem, but...
  19. AnotherNewbie

    Question about seedling size

    Hey^^ So I'm totally new to growing and got one or two questions regarding my young plant, any advice is greatly appreciated :D I started off one Honey Peach Auto CBD at a west-side window a little while ago. Because the natural light source isn't sufficient there, I placed a 85W CFL (some...
  20. Newtoautogrow

    New grow.. Watering question

    So this is my 5th or so grow and prob my last if I mess it up.. Again.. Ive always seemed to over water.. And then get lock out and just end up with buds that look bad and don't smell great.. I'm using 5gal air pots with palgron light mix soil... My question is how much do I water a seedling...