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  1. Newtoautogrow

    New grow.. Watering question

    So this is my 5th or so grow and prob my last if I mess it up.. Again.. Ive always seemed to over water.. And then get lock out and just end up with buds that look bad and don't smell great.. I'm using 5gal air pots with palgron light mix soil... My question is how much do I water a seedling...
  2. Farbaute's MicroGrowery

    RQS - Northern Lights Auto

    Northern Light Automatic Northern Lights is one of the best-known strains of cannabis in the world. This indica cultivar derives from Afghan genetics and was originally bred in the US in the 1970s. In the 1980s, the plant made its way to Holland. Northern Light Automatic infuses the best...
  3. Newtoautogrow

    Do my seedlings look okay??!?!?

    Sup guys my seedlings are about 5 days old... (from first true leaves) and they don't look right... 20-4 lighting 600w hps 25°---45-65%...20lr air pots.. And just been using pH water at 6.5.. Also using light mix soil (orange bud auto)
  4. Ripley's  from Mephisto

    Completed Ripley's from Mephisto

    So I have a little Ripley's growing, in a 2 gal pot. I love this strain. It has, so far, gotten taller than me by a good 3-4 inches every time. Tall for an auto, and she stacks those golfballs, too. A lot of mephisto strains seem to throw more individual nuggets than the larger, condensed...
  5. Hemposapien

    *Help* Seedling with yellow tips?

    High Y'all! I've started 4 Moby Dick XXL seeds by Dinafem. So 2 of them look great, 1 went limp and died for some reason so I replanted another seed in its place. The one I have a question about is 1 of them also has yellow tips. I guess I have two questions, How can I fix this? And Why did it...
  6. A

    First time grower seedling issues

    Hi! I started a grow a few days ago 3 of my girls look great but the 4th one not so hot. I just don’t know what’s going on. I just need a little help
  7. W

    Help With Green Crack (Auto) Seedling Please

    Hello, My seedling is looking kind of rough - info and pictures, below. Any help greatly appreciated! Please fill in this form: (copy and paste part is below, this first one tell what specifically to include) -Problem: Green Crack seedling is 12 days old and has isn't looking very good...
  8. Ozzie Greenthumb

    Best par for veg/flowering Led height 600w galaxyhydro!!!

    I have a small 18"×36"×72"tall climate controlled cabinet just wondering what height for seedling/veg/flowering for my 600w galaxyhydro roleandro led light please help thanks
  9. Closetflowers

    Seedling worries

    Problem: Light green to yellow color started around day 14. New leaves forming but growth seems very slow and yellow color of one seedling specifically seems worse. Seedling #2 was second to sprout and main concern. Medium/grow method:organic soil, coco coir, perlite 60%/20%/20% Feed: and...
  10. rwar666

    New Grower [AK48] 5 days seedling with young leaves malformation (wrinkled) and first real leaves with holes

    Problem: Young leaves malformation (wrinkled) and first real leaves with holes in the edges, a malformation in the base of the leaf and some mottling. Growing slowly and leggy. Medium/grow method: Soilless (65% Sphagnum peat + 25% perlite + 10% coco coir) without any previous nutes. 11L pot...
  11. Tyler_Durden88

    Stress free Transplanting

    I keep getting questions on how I transplant so here's a thread on how and when I do it. I know alot of ppl start in their final pots but there's a better chance of dampening off in a big pot and transplanting gives you faster growth and a overall healthier plant. • I start my babies in a...
  12. Ekcd

    White Balls

    I’ve noticed some small white balls on my week old seedlings leaves and can’t find anything as to what they might be. They look too perfect for eggs and there’s no obvious sign of life from any bugs?? Any knowledge is greatly appreciated.
  13. M

    First grow , Fast buds pineapple yellowing help!

    Hello everyone , hopefully I am posting this in the right area. This is my first grow and I am on day 7. I am using promix bx with a perlite base and about 70/30 soil to perlite mixed. I am using a 180w led ufo (90watt draw) about 8” away from the 3G pot. Germinated in cup until sprout and then...
  14. J

    NYC diesel auto seedling HELP! Plz

    I have another Colorado cookies auto that I believe is doing good... compared to the diesel auto of course. I have a 3x3 and I’m using a my/hps I’m current using settings on 300w mh distance about 2-3 ft. Bio bizz light mix soil... for nutrients I have ph sensi perfect grow/ bloom part a+b...
  15. B

    3 leafed seedling

    Hi all very young seedling about 3 days old, it seems to be growing 3 round seedling leafs just wondering if this is a bad thing and if its worth cracking anouther now to save wasted time is an autokush by seedsman seeds Many thanks
  16. KenBacon

    From seed to weed, guerilla-style... With some help from AFN!

    Hello good folks of AFN, I hope you are passing a lovely time, where ever you are on this big 'ol lump of growing medium! I have a question regarding some seeds I'm currently growing. I am new to growing my own, and try to read as much as possible on here, and I'm learning all the time thanks...
  17. Batigol

    seedling leaves, what is it!

    Hello, I have going some week old seedlings, and on some i have yellowing on the leaves, what is it? Might it be some burning... Lights: 23watt cfl Water: tap water Temp: around 20C. Humidity: 40% Photos down Thank you
  18. Batigol

    Seedling leafs (first time growing)

    Hello AFN, Reading the forum in the past 1 month like everyday here, so decided to start my first grow. Germinated everything mephisto way, and poted the seed in soil (florabella potting soil). Today is the second day after I planted the seeds in soil, and here down are the photos. Would like to...
  19. PropagateAndPro-Create

    Successful Cloning of a Snapped Seedling. Gorilla Glue Fast Buds

    Ok, now that it's been over a month I figured I would post this seeing as the plant has now transitioned to flower. I had a mishap where a gorilla glue seedling got broken in half due to clumsiness on my part. So being the tightwad that I am I didn't want to just discard a $10 seed. I had a...
  20. Debbie Chronicle

    my blue mystic auto already has brown spots...

    Hi guys, so I'm gonna cut to the chase: my 18 day old autoflower ALREADY has brown spots on the first set of serrated leaves (it shouldn't have that by now right???) I gave it General Organics Go Box nutes yesterday for the frst time but idk the leaves just look like their dying tbh... Idk what...