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  1. Canadam

    New grower, trying my best on a budget

    Hey guys, I've been checking out this forum now for a couple of weeks as I was starting my first grow about 1 month ago (planted the seed 28 days ago) I am using normal light soil, 1 hfc light (need to check the wattage) and 1 long LED "kitchen light". I got a small nutrient mix from one of...
  2. Daipot


    hey guys. I got a bit of an issue. I've recently started a grow and I accidentally tore the taproot on one of my seeds. I dug down a little to see if it was growing because my other two had already started. I thought that I had maybe put the seed too deep into the soil. So, I dug down and moved...
  3. xxxGAUGExxx

    Seedling Light Schedule 24 hours? when start 20/4 schedule?

    Hello all...was wondering when I should start the 20/4 light schedule with seedlings? I have them on 24 hrs light right now. Thanks!
  4. xxxGAUGExxx

    Seedling Ideal Temperature and Humidity in Root Riot / Rapid Rooters for Hydro

    Hello all! I was wondering after seeds have popped in Rapid Rooters or Root riot cubes in a seedling tray. If you had the ability to accurately control their tent environment... What would be the ideal temperature and humidity to keep them at? My findings for seeds have been about 78 to 80f for...