seedstockers mischa

  • The Holiday Recipe winner is Lilly_of_the_Zoo.

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  • The Holiday Recipe 3rd place winner is Bigg Al.

  1. The Mugwamp

    Do Si Dos & Nicole Cream - Photo/Auto Grow

    Hi all and :welcome: I'm going to be growing one each of the Nicole Cream Auto and the brand new photoperiod strain Do Si Dos. As yet I haven't been able to find any information as to the latters genetic lineage, @Seedstockers_Mischa hopefully you can help with that :bighug: Kit List Lighting...
  2. Machamillion

    My first Auto grow.

    Hi, new to Autos but been growing photos for 32 yrs. First auto flower plants: Seedstockers Santa Marta Haze and a Big bud.167 dry grams off SM and 129 off bigbud. @Seedstockers_Mischa B7B56962-3808-449A-86E3-DB43FF065AB6 by Machamillion posted Aug 19, 2019 at 2:51...
  3. The Mugwamp

    The Mugwamp Grows The New - Purple Punch -

    Hi all and :welcome: I will be growing 1 of the new Purple Punch Autos from Seedstockers for the G.O.T.Y Final Leg. The parentage of her sounds like a nice mixture; Grandaddy Purple and Larry OG, two strains I must admit I haven't tried but looking forward to. Kit list for the grow will be...
  4. The Mugwamp

    The Mugwamp Does - Seedstockers - Thin Mint Crack Auto

    Hi all and :welcome: I am quite a newb starting my 3rd grow and will be growing 1 Seedstockers Thin Mint Crack Auto for the Seedstockers G.O.T.Y 2nd leg battle :headbang: For the grow i shall be using: Lights 250w mh and 250w hps Dual Spectrum Ballast Ikon Hacienda 600w Digital Dimmable...