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  1. Son of Hobbes

    Introducing "MassTerpenes" on the Autoflower Network!

    Good morning everyone! We'd like to introduce a new vendor company to the forum called MassTerpenes! MassTerpenes creates and sells wax and rosin liquefiers and terpenes to add into mixtures and for creating vape cartridges! Some of the members of our test team...
  2. Boveda

    The Shatterizer

    Over the weekend I was gifted this new portable vaporizer for Cannabis concentrates. This is the second dab pen I've tried and so far it is the best. The Shatterizer
  3. Son of Hobbes

    Bee-Nails Go-Bee Concentrate Vaporizer & Recycler Communal Test Thread

    Hey everyone, the company Bee-nails has offered us up four of their Go-bee portable concentrate vaporizer pen and their new glass recycler unit! @db003 , @Prophetiko , @jingo , and @Ash-a-Ton have been chosen to test out these units, so we'll get some fresh perspectives on how various members...
  4. budelee

    Where's all the eth extractors?

    Wheres all the Everclear extractors ?? Just wanted to say hi to everbody and share some pics of my latest "pull".For this run I used Green Crack and Chem Dog,1.5 oz total,and was really happy with the return.Over this past year i have tried different methods of bho,quiso,and quet,(i only do nug...