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  • We're looking for grower submissions for any autoflowers that they have had tested by a lab or using a home testing device. The idea is to create a grouping of tests that we can use a resource to show growers (both new and experienced) what kind of cannabinoids and terpenes some of the strains we're growing are testing out with!

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  • Seasoned Greetings AFN'ers! .... Voting for the Outdoor Auto/Photo Competition is now open, so come get your Porn on! It's all at the Live Grow Battle section Another great and fun outdoor competition is in the books, so please come visit, oggle, and vote on all the fine ladiez on display.... There are 4 Polls total, the winners determined by their combined Live and Dry bud pics for both auto' and photo' girls... Thanks folks and enjoy!!

skyline led

  1. Week 9 of mixed variety indoor grow

    Week 9 of mixed variety indoor grow

    Alright, another week posting a few days late as I've taken these pictures on Sunday. Buds are growing nicely :D Upped the feed as they seemed to need it. EC is now going from a base of .6 to 2.4, feed per litre: 5ml biogrow 5ml biobloom 2ml calmag ph 6.4 So hard to resist harvesting the...
  2. Week 3 of mixed variety indoor grow

    Week 3 of mixed variety indoor grow

    End of week 3, the girls have recovered from all the overwatering and bad start to their life. The Kush's took it well, Sugar Mama still really suffering and the Fastberry is looking funny, not sure if that is because of my mess up or her genes. I decided I wanted to play with 1 of the plants...
  3. Week 2 of mixed variety indoor grow

    Week 2 of mixed variety indoor grow

    Wrote this couple weeks ago, posting now: Alright, middle of week 2, the girls are doing really well, showing good growth, I am impressed by how quick they are growing (well except for the fastberry which managed to grow some defromed leaves, overwatering I think). I noticed that some of the...
  4. First week with skyline 1000

    First week with skyline 1000

    Hello everyone, Started my first indoor grow. First week of my first indoor grow in a hydrolab 120x120x180 roof tent, skyline 1000 led and hyperfanv2 fan. Strains: Sugar mama by Feminised Seeds Company Candy kush by Auto Seeds Bubble Kush Auto by Royal Queen Seeds Fastberry by Fastbus...
  5. Teetee

    Teetee's White Widow XXL and Blue Amnesia XXL monsters

    Greetings to all DinaFem lovers! I'm Teetee, and I like growing huge Autos under LED's. I mainly grow Dutch Passion stuff, but I once grew a couple of DinaFem Critical Jacks..... beautiful, resin coated plants, which unfortunately were overshadowed by two DP AutoUltimates that gave over a kilo...